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I am not able to login to the helpdesk at    

To submit a support ticket to the helpdesk, you do not have to login to the helpdesk. You can just send an email to and the helpdesk will create a ticket for you. Similarly, tickets to also will be created into the helpdesk. The login or password provided at is different from your helpdesk user name or password.

 If you need additional support, we have the live chat that is available on the main page of experts are ready to assist you with any of your support needs. 

For additional technical support, there are a variety of resources available on our main page. This extra information is available under the ‘Support’ tab of 

If you are having trouble getting your site up and running, you can view the iScripts Quick Start Product Guides. Simply choose your product and then download the guide. 

You can view the iScripts Quick Start Product Guides here: 

Also, if you have would like to view our page with general facts and questions, you can visit:


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