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How does the domain registration work within the script?

Domain registration uses the eNom API. For this feature to work, the user must have an eNom API account with sufficient credit.

If you do not have an account currently, we can help you setup your free account for your iScripts GoStores license at no additional charge. To setup your eNom account today, contact us at

The cost of domains to you would be $8.95. You can get lower prices per domain from other eNom resellers for an upfront price. Once you have the eNom reseller account. you need to contact eNom with your sever IP in order for them to connect your server to theirs through IP. You would also need to prepay at least $100 to eNom for registering domains. If you pay $100, you can register approximately 11 domains at 8.95 each and you can then charge a set price of your choice to your clients.

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