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How do I reset the admin password for iScripts EasyBiller?    

If you do not recall the admin password that you set when iScripts EasyBiller was installed, you will need to reset it in the database. In order to access it, you will need to login to your hosting control panel like cPanel, plesk etc... And access the phpmyadmin for the iScripts EasyIndex database. To reset the admin password for iScripts EasyBiller, edit the following field in phpmyadmin- Table Name: tableprefix_user_mast Field: vpassword

Keep in mind that if you are unable to install iScripts EasyBiller, we do offer an installation service. This service costs $49.95 and includes uploading the program files as well as the configuration of the script. We also then test iScripts EasyBiller for you on your hosting account or server. Finally, we then provide the necessary access for you in order to properly use the script.

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