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How Do I Add Products?    

It is very easy to add products to your site. Simply click ‘Add New Product’. Here you may choose the category, enter the product name, quantity in stock, product description, price, discount types (if applicable), and product weight.

 If you would like to make this a ‘Featured’ item, CLICK ON ‘Yes’ and save your changes.
After saving, you will be able to add images by clicking ‘Manage Images’. You may add front and/or rear view images.

iScripts PrintLogic also comes with an installation manual that you can read if you need more information. For even more information on how to get your site up and running in little time, see our iScripts PrintLogic Quick Start Guide here:

If you are interested in making any modifications or changes to the iScripts PrintLogic software, we have a team of skilled programmers and designers available. For a free project quote, send an email to

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