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How Do I Add Categories?    

When you want to start adding categories, you should have a plan in mind. What will the main categories be and then will there be any subcategories?

After you have an idea of how your site will be set up, start by clicking “Add New Category” and begin creating your first main category.

The “Parent” category will be “Root.” Name your category. If you choose to, you may choose an image off of your computer to upload. Next you may click on any Category Attributes. If you have created custom values (such as “Color” or “Size”), they will appear here for you to decide which of these values will be ordering options displayed for the users. If you have not created custom values yet, you can look on the next page for more information. If you choose to save this step for later, simply click “Edit” to the corresponding categories to then adjust the settings. If the attributes are not applicable to your category, you may choose“Default”.

Remember to save all changes.

 After your main categories are created, you may create subcategories. Continue using the same methods, but define the “Parent” as a main category instead of “Root”.


A main category is “Shirts”. The parent category of “Shirts” is “Root”.

A subcategory of “Shirts” is “Men’s”. The Parent Category of “Men’s” is “Shirts”.

A subcategory of “Shirts” is “Women’s”. The Parent Category of “Women’s” is also “Shirts”.

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