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Does the ReserveLogic system allow for multiple admin account logins which have access only to their own setup details and not that of another admin account? For example, could 2 separate hotels use the same installation of the system and manage their property details / system without having access to the details of the other hotel. This requirement is also valid when there is an operational staff who handles the bookings just in the case of the client like Jana, she was the one who struggled most even after putting a lot of effort.    

Yes, there is option to orchestrate admins with multiple levels of roles and privileges in the new version of iScripts ReserveLogic. The highest level administrator can create various roles and privileges. They can also create new admin users and assign different role to each of them.

If you need assistance with the installation of iScripts ReserveLogic, you can refer to the installation manual that is included with each license.

Also, we have the iScripts Quick Start Product Guides that are available under the ‘Support’ tab of You can find the iScripts ReserveLogic Quict Start Product Guide here:

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