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Do I need a server or can I use the software with a web hosting provider?    

You can use the software with any web hosting provider initially to start with. You can move todedicated servers on a later stage when you have very large traffic and transactions. We recommend ahost that supports Linux, PHP, and MySQL. You can check out our own free hosting service at: 

If you would like more information on which hosting provide to choose, please visit our page entitled ‘Suggested Web Hosts’ here: 

Although we are not affiliated with any of these companies, these are the web hosts that we knowsupport our products. 

Take a look at the ‘Requirements’ page for the product that you plan to purchase by clicking on the product to go to the ‘Product Page’ and then choose the ‘Requirements’ tab. All of the server requirements will be listed here. You can send this page to your web host to verify that your web hosting account can support our product.


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