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What are the shipping methods in iScriptsMultiCart?    

iScriptsMultiCart supports all major shipping methods and they are integrated into the script. You can specify the shipping cost and method in the admin panel. iScriptsMultiCart supports enhanced shipping management using UPS, FedEx and USPS web managers. These advanced shipping managers allows you to calculate real-time shipping cost calculation, tracking, delivery, etc… and is offered directly by the shipping or postal carriers.

Flat rate shipping settings will be the default for the products. This is the easiest way to ship products to buyers without any complications. If you do not want to use the flat rate shipping settings, you can use an automated tool that calculates real time shipping prices. You will need to change the settings by visiting the home screen, then click on ‘Settings’ and finally choose ‘Shipping Settings’.  For most online stores flat rate shipping is best suited dueto simplicity. Real time calculators are useful for large products which are expensive to ship.

With iScripts MultiCart, the script not only supports physical products, but vendors can also sell digital products where shipping is not needed. iScripts MultiCart allows you to create the most advanced online marketplace possible.


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