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Wayfinder App for Campuses

Build a wayfinding app for your campus or building today. Wayfinder is a mobile app integrated with geofencing technologies to make indoor maps or campus apps for hospitals, universities, and organizations worldwide. A built-in CMS makes it easy to provide information and messages to your users.

Price : $2500
Version : 1.1
Platform : Linux,Windows
Updated : 26th February 2020
Last Mile Delivery Manager

Locologic is an online order tracking and delivery platform that allows you to upload orders, track orders, track deliveries, add vehicles and drivers to your network, and manage them. This solution is offered to 3PL companies, local grocery stores and restaurants to manage their last mile deliveries. Suppliers get a separate web console with warehouse management. Also, business admins and suppliers get detailed reports of each module. With locologic you can provide realtime delivery updates to your customers and suppliers.

Price : $2500
Version : 1.1
Platform : Linux,Windows
Updated : 25th January 2020
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