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Managing Your Business Applications

iScripts EasyContents is an easy to use program in which once it is setup, non-technical users can manage and maintain the website without any technical background. This content management system software comes with many embedded modules necessary in order to cater to various businesses. iScripts EasyContents also allows users to add their own designs with ease.

iScripts Easycontents Includes:
  • Open source script - No encryption
  • Multiple themes and layouts
  • Easy to install using a web-based install wizard
  • AJAX based User Interface
  • Powerful administration panel
  • Easy to customize
  • SEO friendly design

iScripts EasyContents Models & Use Cases

The Small Business Model: The iScripts EasyContents software is a simple CMS script to create websites of small businesses. iScripts EasyContents is targeted for small businesses to create websites that enhances their business capabilities. Features such as integrated lead management, content management, career management, news, newsletters, themes, etc.. are created specifically for a brick and mortar small businesses. A number of built in modules that are important for small businesses are included in the software. Users can enable or disable the features by a non-technical business user.

The iScripts EasyContents Advantage

iScripts EasyContents can fully assist with the workflow of demanding business websites and applications. Features such as unlimited pages, contact forms, career sections, and powerful administration will assist you in lowering time as well as costs associated with running your business by better managing the leads generated and using our powerful administration tools. You can enable as well as disable certain features in order to tailor the software to your website's needs.

Manage your website's workflow

  • Users will be able to edit content on various pages as well as news contents from the admin panel

  • Add contact forms to your site in order to manage leads

  • WYSIWYG editor to make simple modifications in the content

  • Reduce the time and cost that you will need to invest in order to increase productivity

  • Non-technical users can play a valuable role in a technical industry

  • SEO friendly design

  • Powerful administration

iScripts EasyContents can be applied to virtually any small to medium sized business. If you run a busy law firm and would like to manage your online marketing channels such as SEO, iScripts EasyContents would be a great solution for you. Also, if you are a web designer who is always busy with projects, this system will help you to better manage your client's website or internet marketing. iScripts EasyContents is proven to be successful in better assisting and managing a company's time which can then be allocated to other areas of the business.

Client Testimonials
  • "Thank you guys for providing this excellent script. Now i have a huge revenue from ads and banners. Hope your support continues.."


  • "I never imagined iScripts EasyContents to bring sooo... many visitors to my site .Thank you!!!"

    Tom Black

  • "Thank you for the iScripts EasyContents installation. My business is doing real fine.Thank you again"

    Robert Thomson