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1. What is iScripts Easycontents?
iScripts Easycontents is a feature-packed FREE content management system. It enables webmasters and entrepreneurs to host a dynamic web site with minmal effort./p>

2. Is iScripts Easycontents stable and reliable?
Yes.iScripts Easycontents is very stable and reliable and is used by a large number of customers worldwide.

3.Can I fully brand iScripts Easycontents with my own name, company name, company logo, etc.?
Yes. iScripts Easycontents is 100% customizable. Users can customize the software from the admin panel. We have private branded license available for removing the powered by iScripts tag from the bottom of the software.

4. How and where can I evaluate iScripts Easycontents?
The iScripts Easycontents online demo is available at https://www.iscripts.com/easycontents/beforedemo.php . If you want to try the software on your servers, please purchase the software.

5. Can you install iScripts Easycontents for me?
Yes. We can do the installation for you for $49.95 on your server or hosting account.

6. Can you customize iScripts Easycontents for me to meet my specific requirement?
Yes. We can do the customization for you . Please contact sales with your requirements for a no obligation, fixed price quote

7. Will I have to provide all services/modules in iScripts Easycontents to my clients?
No. You can enable/disable the modules per your choice in iScripts Easycontents.

8. Where can I see a live operating site generated from the product?
You can see a live communities using iScripts Easycontents at https://www.iscripts.com/listshowcases.php

9. Is the iScripts Easycontents source code encrypted?
No. The iScripts Easycontents source code is not encrypted and you are free to modify it to suit your requirements.

10. Is there any special requirement in order to run videos on Easycontents?
Yes. iScripts Easycontents requires your server to have FFMPEG support to upload videos to the site.

11. Where can I see a live operating site using iScripts Easycontents?

You can see a live sites at Customer Showcase

More items are available at the knowledgebase