iScripts Wayfinder Models And Use Cases

iScripts WayFinder is a highly configurable and flexible mapping platform build to deliver customized indoor map-enabled business apps. iScripts Wayfinder indoor mapping platform empowers users to navigate between two waypoints on a map or to a destination. Wayfinding algorithm in WayFinder uses speed and accessibility parameters, along with distance, to generate an optimal travel path. It enables indoor navigation with special flag icon and add positioning and how it give users an enhances experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Geofences

iScripts WayFinder can add geofences to provide triggers at specific locations. It will transform your indoor space into a smart building with geofences and location-based services. Geofencing is a virtual perimeter on a map that could be in any shape or size and target users that cross this virtual boundary. It triggers alerts when a user enters or exits within this predefined virtual area.

Tour Mapping and Google Area Import

iScripts WayFinder has the facility to import specific area from Google map to edit for your campus. Indoor Mapping for Multistory buildings is integrated for visitors to your campus or organization so that they spend less time searching for building and spend more time discovering new points of interest. It creates a more convenient and enjoyable visitor experience. Zoom into navigate feature is provided for users to simply zoom in and out of a building.

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