iScripts VisualCaster

iScripts VisualCaster Features

Main Features

Landing Page - Whenever a new user visits the website, the system will prompt the user to register and then choose the available subscription plan.

Initial Registration/Login - The user can register to the platform by providing the details: Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Password, Confirm Password and Submit button

Home Page - Once the user successfully logged into the application, they will be presented with the home screen. This page will provide a rich user experience and interface with multiple areas for navigation and menus.The home page will provide featured movies, documentaries, and web series.

Movie Details Page - Whenever a user clicks on their preferred movie listed on the home page, the application will take the user to a details page

Series/ TV Show Details Page - Users can view detailed information about the number of seasons and episodes for the selected series or TV show.

Video Player - Users can select the video which will allow the user to play the media file on the dedicated video player.

My Profile - The profile page will give a visual display of personal data associated with that specific user which includes the profile image and personal details.

Settings - The settings area will allow the user to manage certain functionalities within the application for a better user experience.

Mobile Application - The mobile application will be available on both ios and android platforms.

Downloads - Users can download the preferred video files within the application.

Notification - The mobile application will support notifications in-app and push notifications.

Administration Area Overview - A web-based administration area will be provided for the administrator to control the primary functions of the website and access data as required.

Dashboard - The administrator dashboard will be presented with an analytical view of several data.

Content Management Area - A content management system will be provided to the administrator so they may manage the static content and other applicable areas of the platform.

User Management Area - In the user management area, the administrator will be able to review a complete list of all users registered to the platform and their entered data.

Media Management - A list of videos uploaded can be viewed in this area and administrators can add or remove these files from the console.

Genre Master - Administrators can view the list of genres added to the platform

Subscription Management - The page will display the list of active subscriptions with the information: Package Name, Package Features, Price, No. of users

Push Notification - The administrator can manage both webs and mobile notifications from the console

Simple site management - Powerful admin panel to manage all aspects of the site. No need to know programming.Easy to upload and stream videos.

Supports Google Adsense and regular banners - Generate revenue. You can have multiple screen sharing. Different layouts/themes to choose from.

Favorite List - Users can save their favorite videos into their favorite list. User Playlist Management

Unencrypted source code for easy customization - You can customize the look and feel of the site as well as functionalities. If you are not sure we can customize it for you.

Friends Management - users can add/edit/invite friends. User friendly installer wizard. Free one year support and free upgrades

Supports all popular video types. Supports tag clouds. Copy embed video codes for social networking sites/ forums

Supports plan system, where admin can provide different plans for users to purchase from. This would generate constant income for the admin.

Screen Shots

User Panel

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Admin Panel

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