iScripts VisualCaster

iScripts VisualCaster Features

Main Features

Landing Page - Whenever a new user visits the website, the system will prompt the user to register and then choose the available subscription plan.

Initial Registration/Login - The user can register to the platform by providing the details: Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Password, Confirm Password and Submit button

Home Page -

  • Once logged in, users can find exciting movies, documentaries, and Web Series to watch on the homepage.

  • The homepage is categorized through different tags - New Releases, Trending Now, My List, Top 10 and Continue watching.

  • Users can preview video details, including the number of episodes & seasons, age rating and durations on mouseover, without going to a different page.

Movie Details Page -

  • Users can find the year and date of the movie’s release.

  • Users can recommend the movie to friends and family by using the share button.

  • Users are allowed to rate the movie by using a Like and dislike buttons.

  • Movie trailer is available on this page in case users want to preview the movie.

  • Users can find the duration of the movie.

  • Find movies by genres which can also be defined as languages.

  • Contains a recommendation space for videos from similar category.

  • Users can know the current view status with a movie progress bar.

  • Find a detailed description of the movie or TV Show.

  • Users can create a future watchlist with Favorite & UnFavorite.

  • Users can see the number of episodes in the case of web series and documentaries.

  • The pages show related videos from the same category and genre.

  • Users can resume movies they have already started or start-over.

  • Users can find the details of the cast and crew.

Series/ TV Show Details Page - Users can view detailed information about the number of seasons and episodes for the selected series or TV show.

Video Player -

  • There are custom icons on the video player.

  • Users are provided with options to fast forward and rewind.

  • Users can add media to their ‘Favorites list’ from the player itself.

My Profile - The profile page will give a visual display of personal data associated with that specific user which includes the profile image and personal details.

Settings - The settings area will allow the user to manage certain functionalities within the application for a better user experience.

Mobile Application - The mobile application will be available on both ios and android platforms.

Downloads - Users can download the preferred video files within the application.

Notification - The mobile application will support notifications in-app and push notifications.

Administrator Area

Administration Area Overview - A web-based administration area will be provided for the administrator to control the primary functions of the website and access data as required.

  • The dashboard contains an analytical view of website and app data.

  • Admins can see the total number of users in the system.

  • Admins can find the most viewed films on the platform.

  • Admins can find and manage all the videos through the Media Management Area.

  • Admins can edit the number of seasons and episodes.

  • Additional options for video series are provided, such as selecting and changing the title of seasons and episodes.

New functionalities have been added

  • The website has an updated category page.

  • Users can now cast videos to different devices, including TV.

  • Inclusive viewing experience with AI-Powered auto subtitles from Cloudinary .

  • Updated UI, which is simple and more intuitive.

  • Download videos for offline viewing.

  • Admins can now change App user details from admin, including password.

  • The platform now comes with additional categorization such as Top List, Trending Movies, Movie Genres and Continue watching.

Screen Shots

User Panel


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