iScripts VistaCart

System Requirements For iScripts VistaCart

Server Requirements
  1. iScripts VistaCart runs on a Linux and Windows platform that can support a web server and the PHP language. We recommend CentOS or Redhat Linux with Cpanel control panel.
  2. PHP 5.6x or greater (PHP7 Compatible).
  3. MySQL 5.6

Other Requirements for Trouble-free Installation/Compatibility

  • SendMail - (Yes)
  • PHP safe mode - (OFF)
  • CURL extension - (Yes)
  • PHP -GD - (Yes)

* Click the following download icon to receive the php info file. Upload it to your server and check whether your server meets the requirements. Another option is to send this page to your hosting company and ask them if their servers support these features. We have a list of certified web hosts, if you need one.