iScripts UberforX


1. What is iScripts UberforX?
iScripts UberforX is an on demand service platform that helps you to start services like uber.

2. As a service provider what are the benefits and advantages of iScripts UberforX?
As a service provider you generate revenue from the subscription fee of the vendors.

3. Is iScripts UberforX stable and reliable?
Yes.iScripts UberforX is very stable and reliable and is used by a number of customers worldwide.

4. How and where can I evaluate iScripts UberforX?
iScripts UberforX full featured, online demo is available at

5. Do my vendors need payment processing accounts?
No. Vendors can also have option of recieving payment at venue.

6. Which payment processors are supported?
iScripts UberforX supports PayPal and

7. Do I need a SSL installed on your server?
If you are using as your payment method you will need a secure server. If you are using PayPal the program runs on your own web site, automatically connecting to the PayPal's own secure server for credit card transactions.

8. Do I need PHP on my server?
Yes. PHP and MySQL is needed to run the program.

9. Is iScripts UberforX source code encrypted?
No. iScripts UberforX source code is not encrypted and you are free to modify them to suit your requirements.

10. What if I need a customization of the script?
As iScripts UberforX codes are not encrypted you are free to modify them to suit your requirement. In case you want us to customize the script for you , please contact