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iScripts EasyWebSurvey Features

iScripts EasyWebSurvey allows you to create, post, and analyze surveys from your existing website. EasyWebSurvey can be easily integrated into your current database system. There is no knowledge of HTML required so you will be able to generate surveys in just a few seconds!

Key Features Include:

  • Easy-to-Use Interface : There is no technical experience required to use EasyWebSurvey. Select a new survey or existing survey and create a questionnaire just by choosing the settings that fit your site best. You can quickly add custom questions and then send the survey to a list of recipients.
  • Custom Recipient List : Once you have created your survey, you can upload a table or spreadsheet that contains a list of recipients and search for specific recipients to send the survey. You can also make your own list of email addresses and names.
  • Question Bank : In the question bank, previous surveys are stored. You can easily manage all of your surveys or delete them if necessary.
  • Automatically Generated Reports : You can generate reports for graphic analysis including charts and graphs from each survey that you create. From these reports, you can analyze the user participation, feedback for each question, and feedback per survey.
  • Multiple Survey Options : There are a few options for deploying the surveys. The user can get instant access to surveys through email and web links.
  • Full Product Support : EasyWebSurvey comes with 1 free year of product support. Modify the site as you wish with unencrypted code.
  • Customizable & Flexible Site Management : Hosted on Your Server: All surveys will be hosted on your private server and are your property. Never pay monthly fees for using EasyWebSurvey. Choose Your Theme and Content: It is very update the settings of EasyWebSurvey by clicking on the tab. EasyWebSurvey can even be customized with your logo.

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