iScripts SupportDesk

System Requirements For iScripts SupportDesk

Server Requirements
  1. iScripts SupportDesk runs equally well on Linux, Windows or any platform that can support a web server and the PHP language
  2. We recommend Apache as a web server, but any web server that supports PHP is acceptable
  3. PHP 5.6x or greater (PHP7 Compatible).
  4. MySQL Community Server 5.6

Other Requirements for Trouble-free Installation/Compatibility

  • SendMail - (Yes)
  • PHP safe mode - (OFF)
  • DOMXML extension - (Yes) - Only if SupportDesk API is being used
  • CURL extension - (Yes)

*If you already have a hosting account and want to check if your hosting account has the features for supporting iScripts SupportDesk, click the following download icon to get the phpinfo file. Upload it to your server and check whether your server meets the requirements. If you are not sure, send up the location of the uploaded file location to iscripts support we can tell you if your hosting account can support iScripts Supportdesk.


If you do not have a hosting account we have a list of web hosts which supports iScripts products including iScripts Supportdesk.

30 days Money Back Guarantee!

You can also take the advantage of our 30 days money back guarantee if you want to test iScripts SupportDesk in real environment. You can purchase iScripts SupportDesk and use it with real people and on real server or hosting account. If you don't like it, then ask for a refund within 30 days and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.