iScripts SupportDesk


1. Do I have to buy a license key to run SupportDesk?
Yes, your one-time purchase includes a license key. If you would like to install iScripts SupportDesk on multiple domains, you will be required to purchase a separate license key for each instance. Contact us at 1-800-569-5538 regarding any additional questions.

2. Do you provide technical support?
After you purchase iScripts SupportDesk, you receive 1 year of FREE technical support. If you want to extend your support, you may do so by purchasing an additional support package. Rates are displayed during checkout. You will also receive free product upgrades while you are subscribed to tech support.

3. Is iScripts SupportDesk scalable and secure enough for my business?
At iScripts, we create all our software to include the most up-to-date standards and requirements. All software packages created by iScripts, including iScripts SupportDesk, are designed to support and scale to your growing business. Feel rest-assured knowing your support desk system is fully supported and stable enough to handle all users, departments, staff members and tickets.

4. Where can I evaluate iScripts SupportDesk for myself?
We encourage you to try the iScripts SupportDesk software for yourself using the live public demo available at: To further determine if the software is right for you, you can also take a look at the iScripts SupportDesk Quick Start Guide located at:

5. Can I brand iScripts SupportDesk with my own name, company name, logo and more?
Yes, iScripts SupportDesk is 100% customizable. You can customize the look, logo, content and company information directly from the admin panel. If you would like to make additional changes to your software, you may contact us for a fixed price quote or have any programmer of your choice complete your desired changes.

6. Is SupportDesk PHP4 compatible?
Yes, SupportDesk is PHP4 and PHP5 compatible. For a full list of technical requirements and information, see the Requirements Page located here: If you have additional questions, please contact our live chat representative or call 1-800-569-2238 for more information.

7. What is Email Piping?
Email piping is the ability of iScripts SupportDesk to create trouble tickets when a customer, or potential customer, sends an email to your specific business emails. These tickets will be tracked to the user identified by the from email address. You can specify which emails you want to be piped, such as: or You can also decide if you would like to allow all users or pre-registered users to submit tickets via email.

8. Can I modify iScripts SupportDesk to satisfy my specific needs?
All scripts created by iScripts are open source which means you can change the features and functionality right after purchasing iScripts SupportDesk, or any time in the future. If you do not have PHP programming knowledge or a programmer of your own, iScripts can customize the iScripts SupportDesk software to fit your needs. Email or call 1-800-569-5538 for an affordable, fixed-price quote.