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When will I need to use the "Add New Server" area? I thought once I did an install, I was ready to g    

This area is where the cPanel WHM credentials are specified in order to set up the stores. In addition to this, one needs to enable at least 1 payment gateway from the payment settings tab.

There are 8 payment gateways that are supported by iScripts GoStores. iScripts GoStores is ready to use with PayPal, GoogleCheckout, WorldPay, Ogone, 2Checkout, Braintree, Quickbook, and Moneybookers. Also, offline credit card payments are accepted through iScripts GoStores. This allows payments to be processed via an existing POS system.

If you would like more information on the payment gateways that are supported by iScripts GoStores, you can visit our ‘Payment Gateways’ page here:

Here you can learn about our trusted partners and see which gateways are supported by each product. If there is a gateway that you do not see available on iScripts GoStores that you wish to add, this is a simple modification. Send us an email to and we can supply you with a custom quote for any of the changes that you wish to make to iScripts GoStores.

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