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How do I reset the admin password for iScripts CyberMatch?    

If you want to reset the admin password for iScripts CyberMatch, you can reset it in the database. To access it you will need to login to your hosting control panel like cPanel, Plesk, etc... And access the phpmyadmin for the iScripts CyberMatch database. In the database, look for the table called lookup. In the lookup table, edit the field (vName - adminpassword vValue - “your password”) with MD5 hash for the new password. For example, if you set the value to 21232f297a, your new password would be set to

We have an installation service for iScripts CyberMatch that is an additional fee of $49.95. This service includes everything to get your site up and running. Our programmers will configure the script, upload the program files, setup the images, and then test iScripts CyberMatch to make sure that everything works properly. The iScripts CyberMatch installation service can be purchased either at the time of checkout or at a later date.

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