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How can the admin provide more templates for users to make each store unique in appearance? What are the options for customizing each store independently?    

Here is how to upload more templates for your iScripts GoStores users:

1. Log into the admin panel:

2. Navigate to the paid templates page and add new themes.

3. For every theme, upload a zip file which consists of a CSS file and required images in a specified directory format to be displayed as thumbnails for new themes.

A store owner can then purchase new themes from the iScripts GoStores main site. These will automatically be installed into the user's store.

The store can be customized independently by uploading a logo, banners, and other brandable items.

If you would like to make any customizations to your iScripts GoStores software, we have a skilled team available to help you. Send an email to for a free estimate or you can speak with one of our project managers directly by calling (312) 423-6728.

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