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How are the modules sold?

All modules associated with iScripts SocialWare come with the product purchase itself. You do not need to buy any modules separately. iScripts SocialWare has a large number of features and modules to keep up with the most demanding social-networking communities.

Custom features can be enabled or disabled by the site administrator. This is most beneficial to sites that are preparing for high-volume growth. For example, when the site is first created, there may be no fee for members to sign up; however, as the site gains traffic and popularity, the site administrator can then change the site to paid memberships. Also, if there is a feature or modification that you would like your site to have, but is not a standard feature available, our developers here at iScripts would be more than happy to make the customization for you for an additional fee. If you are interested in an additional customization, please contact us at

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