iScripts SonicBB

iScripts SonicBB Features

  • Unlimited forums and categories, allowing for maximum exposure for your site!
  • Unlimited number of members so you can grow to be one of the most popular forums on the net!
  • Easy member registration attracting more members
  • Powerful search facility - find posts and threads quickly for quick organization capability!
  • Fully configurable, categorizing your forums into appropriate categories.
  • Simple and quick installation process.
  • Easy theme selection to fit your site.
  • Easy HTML editor for posting messages (allows bolding/italics/underlining etc.) so that you can get the exact style that you want.
  • Moderator capability (can be used to monitor and prevent unwanted msgs) and create an inviting atmosphere for your visitors.
  • Unlimited Message capability so that your users can easily interact with each other and build a lasting community.
  • Smiley Manager so that users can express emotions when interacting.
  • Ranks for the topics that your users care about.
  • User Titles for site optimization.
  • Displays the number of online members and guests so that users know who’s on.

  • View user profiles (total visits/total posts/last visits/etc.) for record and research purposes.
  • View total posts/total threads/etc. to know exactly how popular your forum really is.
  • Create "Sticky" threads for the topics that you want your users to talk about.
  • Avatar support for a more interactive user experience.
  • List forum members so that users can interact with those who have similar interests.
  • User Timeout to avoid confusion.
  • Upload a custom logo for your forum header in order to brand your forum and integrate it into your site.
  • IP address banning to keep spammers off the site.

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