iScripts SonicBB


1. What is SonicBB?
SonicBB is a fully customizable bulletin board package..

2. As a service provider what are the benefits and advantages of SonicBB?
As a service provider you get an increased revenue over the huge customer activities that is generated on your site.

3. Is SonicBB stable and reliable?
Yes.SonicBB is very stable and reliable and is used by a large number of customers worldwide.

4. How and where can I evaluate SonicBB?
SonicBB online demo is available at

5. Are there any restrictions on how I can use my board?
Yes, Although the content and use of your board is entirely your responsibility, we do enforce a policy of prohibiting Adult-oriented boards displaying pornographic material. Our current policy prohibits Adult-oriented boards, designed for entertainment or commercial purposes.