iScripts SonicBB Models And Use Cases

The Community Model

iScripts SonicBB is targeted for individuals or businesses who wish to build a community for a common topic or theme. Features such as unlimited forums and categories, unlimited numbers of members, unlimited messaging capabilities, ranks for topics, and easy member registration will help you to grow an engaging community. These features included in the software are crucial to creating an online community.

Key Features Include

  • Unlimited forums and categories, allowing for maximum exposure for your site!
  • Unlimited number of members so you can grow to be one of the most popular forums on the net!
  • Easy member registration attracting more members
  • Powerful search facility - find posts and threads quickly for quick organization capability!
  • Fully configurable, categorizing your forums into appropriate categories.
  • Simple and quick installation process.
  • Easy theme selection to fit your site.
  • Easy HTML editor for posting messages (allows bolding/italics/underlining etc.) so that you can get the exact style that you want.
  • Moderator capability (can be used to monitor and prevent unwanted msgs) and create an inviting atmosphere for your visitors.

With iScripts SonicBB, you can either integrate the software with an existing site to create discussions as well as more connectivity to your own site or you can create a community from scratch. This software is extremely versatile and can assist any business. For example, if you currently have a website that promotes your music production business and want to create noteworthy discussions amongst your customers this would be a great tool. You can really narrow in on your target market as well and create a niche forum. If you do not currently have a website and you would like to create a community for single parents to discuss their parenting methods you can grow a whole community of single parents. There are so many options with iScripts SonicBB.

Client Testimonials

Growing A Community

The fully customizable software, iScripts SonicBB can be hosted on your site and can be integrated into your existing website. Be sure to choose a theme for your community in order to build interest and engage your audience.You can also create electronic surveys with unlimited question-and-answer methods for data collection, analysis and reporting.

The iScripts SonicBB Advantage

Through the use of IScripts SonicBB, PHP forum software and online community software, you can either develop a new community website or integrate the forum with an existing website. As opposed to other forum software, you can build and customize the community to your specifications. It is also an easy to use solution and simple to maintain.

  • Fully configurable, allowing for categorization of your forums.
  • Easy theme selection.
  • Easy HTML editor for posting messages (allows bolding/italics/underlining etc.).
  • Moderator capability (can be used to monitor and prevent unwanted messages).

iScripts SonicBB Includes

  • Unlimited forums and categories!
  • Unlimited members!
  • Powerful search facility
  • Easy member registration
  • Simple installation process
  • Easy theme selection
  • List forum members
  • Smiley Manager
  • IP address banning