iScripts SocialWare


1. What is iScripts SocialWare?
iScripts Socialware is software installed on your server that allows you to create an online community site in minutes. After obtaining a domain and hosting account, the files are installed on your server space. Then you can create your site by logging into the admin panel. You do not need technical experience to setup your social network. Simply determine the best functionality for your site and chose from site setup options to include the features you want (payment methods, modules, user settings, and more).

2. What if I want my social network to function a specific way or contain a feature not already built into the software?
As the iScripts SocialWare code is not encrypted, you are free to modify it to suit your specific website needs. Any PHP programmer can modify the software. If you want us to customize the script for you, please contact or call 1-(800)-569-5538 for more information.

3. Is iScripts Socialware a stable and secure website solution?
Yes, the iScripts Socialware script is very stable and reliable. Our software products include and follow the latest PCI requirements. During the development process, we ensure your social network will be secure and completely scalable to provide the best foundation for your community and profitability needs.

4. Can I personalize my social networking community website?
Yes, the iScripts Socialware social network software is 100% customizable. You are encouraged to add your own logo, modify your homepage, site content and images from the first time you access your site. We understand how important it is to distinguish yourself from competitors. If you are creating a social site for existing customers, it will be necessary for you to brand your site to ensure your customers do not become confused. If you would like to change or edit aspects of the site that are not already displayed as an available option, you may contact us at iScripts to make those changes for you. Call 1-800-569-5538 for more information.

5. How do I know if I can use iScripts Socialware? Where can I test it?
It would be a good idea to try the online public demo of iScripts SocialWare before purchasing. The live demo can be found at: Using the demo, you can use the software for yourself. Login to the backend as the site administrator to make live changes to the online demo. Login as a user to get an idea of what your customers, community members and visitors will experience once within your site.

6. I don't know how to install the software. Can I still purchase iScripts SocialWare?
Installing the software is the most technical aspect of setting up your social network. If this makes you uneasy, you have a couple options. You can request our professional programmers to ensure the software is installed properly on your server by purchasing the iScripts installation service for $49.95. You may purchase the installation service during checkout, or after your initial purchase.
If you do not know what a domain or hosting provider is, your best option would be to use the iScripts Cloud version. Visit for more information.

7. Where can I view a live site from iScripts Socialware?
Some of our 12,000+ customers remove our copyright to stay private, some modify the code to create a entirely customized social network or community website, and others use the script as is. While we would love to be able to share all live sites, we respect our customers' privacy. However, we encourage our customers to share their sites themselves by adding it to the iScripts Customer Showcase:
Custom projects can also be seen at:

8. Can I access the iScripts SocialWare code or is it encrypted?
The iScripts SocialWare source code is not encrypted. You are free to modify the code in order to change your website at any time. Keep in mind that iScripts also offers affordable customizations. Contact or 1-800-569-5538 if you would like a personal quote for any design, feature or functionality changes.

9. Does iScripts SocialWare support videos?
Yes, iScripts SocialWare supports videos, but your server will require FFMPEG support in order to use this feature. Other option is to have third party video support like hosted in Youtube, vimeo etc..If you are not sure of this information or process, contact your hosting provider to compare server requirements of the script and options provided by your hosting company. If it is not compatible, you can decide to change providers or use the iScripts Cloud solution located at If you have additional questions, contact our team at, use live chat on the site or call 1-(800)-569-5538

10. Does iScripts SocialWare contain privacy settings?
Users can choose to set their profile as "Visible" or "Invisible" in the "Account Settings" tab. This gives any member the ability to control his/her personal preferences. If there is information that members do not want to share with the general public, then this is feature is the best way for everything to be safe and secure.

11. How will users sign up to my social networking site? Will I have any control?
Choose how you would like to accept users on yours website. When users sign up to your social community, you can have their accounts activated in 1 of 3 ways:
1. Automatic Activation
2. Email Activation
3. Manual Activation (by you, the site admin)
Set your site to any of these settings using the options found within the "Change Settings" tab under the Admin Control Panel.

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