iScripts Socialware Enterprise


1. How can I start a professional social networking site like Linkedin using iScripts Socialware Enterprise?
Using our Socialware Enterprise script, you can create a professional networking platform effortlessly. The script has inbuilt features, and you can add features if required. This script has all functionalities to be a professional site. It has a homepage where users can see news feeds from different professionals and organizations. Users can search for Jobs, companies, add products and services, publish the latest articles, and list job opportunities.

2. How fast can I set up and start running a professional networking website?
Once you buy our product, send your hosting account and domain name to We can make it all set within a few hours, and you can start running your professional networking website. Most probably, it will take between 8 to 15 hours.

3.Is there a built-in marketplace available with iScripts Socialware Enterprise?
Yes, a built-in marketplace is available with Socialware Enterprise. When you log in as a user, you can see the marketplace option on the homepage. Once you click it, you can see the options to add products and services and search for them.

4. How does the marketplace in iScripts Socialware Enterprise work?
The marketplace option helps users to add or search for products and services. When the user clicks the marketplace tab, the page will allow users to do their searches. Click Add products/services tab to add your available products and services so that others can easily find out. Choose the category, give the name of your product with a description. Add the price of the product/service. Choose the button ‘Enquire and sell’ or ‘Enquire Only’ for the products and services you have added. Give your product ID, add images and give a link for your product from the company page.

5. How can I generate revenue using iScripts Socialware Enterprise?
You can generate revenue by adding subscription plans to your website. Admin can add subscription plans. The steps are: Login as admin -> Click setups -> click settings -> add subscription plan -> add price of plan-> Save plan. You can edit the plans if required. Admin can run the website either for free or in subscription mode. To use it for free, just sign up and run the website. To create an account, then choose from the subscription plan. Thus you can generate revenue.

6. How does the website help companies in their recruitment process?
Users can find jobs for different fields from different locations. Enter the job title and location you prefer to work, check the available job opportunities and choose a job from it. Then, you can apply directly for that job by uploading your resume. Users can add personal details and cover letters along with it and apply fastly.
If job opportunities are available at your company, then you can post jobs. Click add jobs, add designation, company name, job location, expiry date, company details, desired skills, etc. Now you can post the job. Users can easily find the opportunities from the jobs page.
Users can search for interesting articles and get an idea about what is happening in their industry. Companies can add articles in the articles section. Click add articles-> give a title-> choose category-> add content-> add image-> add link-> publish.
Users can search for companies across the globe and can build connections with professionals. To add your company: Click companies,-> add company -> company name and information-> add logo-> Save. This will help users to find companies easily.

7.How can an employer sign up and create an account on the iScripts Socialware Enterprise website?
Free Mode - Signup for free Subscription plan - Choose a plan and create a profile, company page, list jobs, send connection requests. Also can receive candidate requests for the listed Jobs.

8. How to get support for using iScripts Socialware Enterprise?
You can raise a ticket at the help desk. Just contact, You will get a response within one hour and a solution within 24 hours.

9. Does iScripts Socialware Enterprise support Ads?
Yes, If you are an admin, go to the dashboard and Click contents-> click add management-> add ad space-> add ad script-> Save. You can see when it’s active and can manage ad operations.

10. What are the Ad Spaces available in iScripts Socialware Enterprise?
6 Ad spaces are available in iScripts Socialware Enterprise. Jobs, products, feed, timeline, articles, and news.

11. How to set up different subscription plans in iScripts Socialware Enterprise?
Admin can add subscription plans. Click setups -> click settings -> add subscription plan -> add price of plan-> Save plan. Users who want to register their company account should consider subscription plans based on their needs and interests.

12. Being the owner of the website, how can I view the jobs and manage them?
Admin Panel->Click General-> jobs-> add job You can add job name, company name, company logo, created by whom, expiry date, created date. Admin can see the status of the jobs and can manage operations. Admin can also see who all applied for the jobs.