iScripts SocialWallet

iScripts SocialWallet Features

Key Features Include:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface.

  • Easily access the platform as a borrower, investor or both.

  • Borrowers can use the "Check Your Rate" feature on the Homepage to calculate the eligibility rate, check payment plans, and launch a loan request application.

  • Transparent credit score calculation via trusted third-party API services like Experian Connect, Equifax, TransUnion.

  • Like borrowers, Investors can access a quick link button on the Homepage called "Start Investing" to calculate their eligibility to invest money.

  • A feature-rich user dashboard is available with a toggle option between Borrowers and Investors. Users can view their respective activities within the dashboard.

  • DocuSign integration for confidential information sharing.

  • Users can export various reports from the report area for further reference and evaluation. Current and previous loan EMI reports, return on investment reports and more will be available.

  • Profile area that lets users review and edit their basic profile details, upload documents, add a bank account and lets them change the password.

  • Users will receive notifications upon delivering real-time updates on various events.

  • A web-based administration area is provided for the administrator to control the primary functions of the website and access data as required.

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