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Not quite ready for primetime

13 Feb 2019

Although much more appealing to the eye than previous versions, There are still issues. Auto-resizing of images is a must have. Especially for basic things like profile pictures and cover pictures. Ability for the Admin to set the welcome page background picture, User emojis (they are there but blocked when you open them and you can't pick one.) I filled out the refund form about a month ago and have had no response. I didn't want to insult anyone, I just wasn't happy with the product.

By Dan | iScripts SocialWare

Thank you for your diligence

22 Oct 2018

"I dont quite know your rank in the company, however, you have done a great job dealing with the potential customer. As a customer in general, I am glad that Armia has you to better its services. Good luck with your business. Thank you again." -Norimichi Ono

By Norimichi Ono | iScripts MultiCart


24 Aug 2018

"I’ve known Jon Skulemowski for the better part of two years. During this time Jon and his staff helped design and develop our family website with a high degree of creativity and technical professionalism. Jon consistently demonstrates unparalleled technical knowledge, savvy and customer service." Dennis Speer,

By Dennis Speer | iScripts MultiCart

Legoland Schaumburg

24 Jul 2018

"As a skilled and engaging communicator, Jon successfully motivates clients and co-workers with his humor and charismatic appeal. By gaining first-hand experience in the development of online startups, Jon has developed a passion for teaching and instructing others on the best practices employed by successful online businesses. Jon's drive for success paired with his...more" -Ashley Zimmerman, Legoland Schaumburg

By Ashley Zimmerman | iScripts MultiCart


05 May 2018

"iScripts was a game changer for me. I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. The challenge for me was to cost effectively build the application. I looked at a number of different options and technologies, but iSripts provided me the fastest, most cost effective way to get up and running. I was able to leverage the iScript's Multi-Cart marketplace. Leveraging their software, I didn't have to "reinvent" common elements of a marketplace, and their custom development team has allowed me to tailor the solution for my market. iScripts has saved me time and money and allowed me to focus on what's important- growing the business and developing the "secret sauce" that differentiates Classroom2Classroom from others." -Mike Serrano,

By Mike Serrano | iScripts MultiCart


24 Apr 2018

"It's a pleasure working with Jon. He knows his business and consistently demonstrates strong product knowledge of the various software programs his company offers. Jon is supportive of his clients, their needs and objectives. I always look forward to working with him." -Jed Horowicz,

By Jed Horowicz | iScripts MultiCart


02 Apr 2018

"Many thanks again. The assistance and help provided by Armia (iScripts) is priceless. And faster than anything around in digital world.I'm grateful to have meet you and your team." -Marius,

By Marius | iScripts MultiCart

Something awesome

12 Mar 2018

"Jon, is a wonderful person I worked with.. He always wanted to see that the products he market need to be of great standard, and besides that he was able to make some wonderful suggestions. Working closely with him we were able to build wonderful systems and we both enjoyed each product release we did together.. And he never forget to give a pat if we do something awesome." -Santhosh Alexander

By Santhosh Alexander |

Create Alaska

08 Feb 2018

"Thank you for this wonderful product! We are so excited. You have helped jump-start our business and this product fit our needs better than all the others I researched. I love all your products and look forward to trying out other iscripts packages as our company grows and advances" -John Schultz, Create Alaska , LLC

By John Schultz | iScripts MultiCart


24 Dec 2017

"Thank you again Jon. I really appreciate you from the initial point of contact all the way through the thorough detail you and your team at iScripts have given me on my project. I couldn't be a happier client! I really looking forward to building a long term relationship with" -Garrett Richardson,

By Garrett Richardson |


29 Sep 2017

"We are very happy with the team, and they are making good and speedy progress on issues. Both Vidhya and Sajin are great. 5/5 so far." - Mikael Tjarnberg,

By Mikael Tjarnberg | iScripts MultiCart


08 Sep 2017

"Thank you so much. Everthing is great. I am very happy with the work." -Adele Lynas

By Adele Lynas |


29 Aug 2017

"I am really happy with the way the site turned out and am excited to launch this endeavor. I already have a list of future customizations and will let you know when I am ready to start them, but for now I am focusing on getting it off the ground... Thank you and your team for all of your hard work." Amy Recchia,

By Amy Recchia | iScripts MultiCart


17 Aug 2017

"I took a look at the design progress this morning and I am delighted with the new style and format" -Garry Miller,

By Garry Miller |

Oru Marketplace

01 Aug 2017

"Things are going smoothly so far and progress is being made.The team is a solid 5/5!!" -Nick Vandenbrekel, Oru Marketplace

By Nick | iScripts eSwap

Excellent product

09 Jan 2017

Excellent product

By Roshith k | iScripts VisualCaster


24 Aug 2015

"Thanks again for your support and I think you guys have some cool products and solutions and will keep them in my arsenal of recommendations if I encounter anyone looking for an off the shelf solution." -Chris Zelenka,

By Chris Zelenka | iScripts MultiCart
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