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Here are a few live websites powered by iScripts ReserveLogic. This information is submitted by our clients.

VacayBound - Flexible Vacation Finder

The Chicago based startup has been launched a website “VacayBound - Flexible Vacation Finder” which allows the users to search for best available flight ticket fares for vacations where dates and destinations are flexible. Users can specify a destination country or state along with possible dates, then the platform searches all the airports in the target country or state to find the best rates for customer's selected dates.

VacayBound is a flexible vacation finder targeting travelers with flexible destinations and flexible dates. The website will also offer another service which allows users to search for hotels, the search can be carried out by entering the location and the dates of stay. The website shall pull out a list of hotel rooms available from the network which the website is partnering with. Upon choosing the desired hotel, the user will be taken to the respective third-party website which allows the booking.

This travel search site is a place where people are inspired to plan and book directly, with millions of travel options at the best prices. It's unbiased and free, which means that the people who use VacayBound every month can trust their comprehensive range of flight and hotel options.

The website developed with user-friendly and clutter-free designs. Users can avail of the services offered by the website by searching for flight ticket fares by entering the potential travel destinations and potential dates. The website will contact users when a good price for the parameters provided by the customer. A refined search option shall be made available on the website for the users to drill down their search and thereby choosing the best option available.

The platform is a one-stop portal for searching the best available flight ticket fares. To reduce the effort required during the developing stage, we have used our existing product iScripts ReserveLogic as the base software.

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