iScripts ReserveLogic


1. What is iScripts ReserveLogic?
iScripts ReserveLogic is an reservation and property management software designed for the hospitality industry. Our script enables large chains, as well as independent establishments to create an online booking system including listings, images, banners, online payments, calendar functionality, user ratings, reviews, social sharing, Google Maps, optional Expedia integration and more.

2. Can I brand my reservation site with my own name, company name, content and logo?
Yes, the iScripts ReserveLogic software is 100% customizable. Customize the theme using the built-in templates, easily add your logo, company name and content directly from the admin panel. Since the script is not encrypted, you can request any PHP developer to further change and modify the software, or request a reasonable quote from our programmers.

3. Is iScripts ReserveLogic dependable, scalable and secure?
iScripts supports over 12,000 customers worldwide. We create our scripts to be fully reliable and secure by abiding by the most up-to-date PCI compliance standards. iScripts ReserveLogic was created as a scalable script that has the ability to grow with your users, site activity and overall business. The script can support unlimited hotels, destinations, users and rooms.

4. How can I try the iScripts ReserveLogic software? Where is the free trial?
You can test the iScripts ReserveLogic demo at
If you want to test the script on your own server, you will need to complete your purchase.

5. I don't know how to install iScripts ReserveLogic on my server. Can you install it?
For $49.95 and after supplying your cPanel details, we can install the software on your server. You may select the installation service during checkout or at a later time.

6. Do I need a secure server?
If you plan to accept online payments through a payment gateway like, you will need a SSL certification. If you are using a third party payment gateway such as PayPal, a secure server is optional.

7. What if I need my reservation and online booking website to function or look different? How can I change my site design?
iScripts can complete customization projects at an affordable price. The cost of your quote depends on the amount of hours required to complete your project. Please contact our sales department with specific changes and to receive a fixed price quote. If you would like to change the design of your site (not features), please select a Design and Integration package during checkout.

8. What if I want to add features or change the way my website functions?
As iScripts ReserveLogic codes are not encrypted you are free to modify them to suit your specific needs. Our developers can customize look and feel of your site or add change any features unique to your business. If you would like to receive a fixed-price quote or discuss a possible project, contact our sales department at or 1-800-569-5538.

9. Do I have to use all features within iScripts ReserveLogic?
No, you have the ability to enable/disable the modules from your administration panel. This includes your mode of operation, payment options, Expedia integration and more. See the iScripts ReserveLogic Quick Start Guide located at for more information regarding the software's features and functionality.

10.How does the iScripts ReserveLogic Expedia feature work?
You can use this feature to add Expedia listings to your website. If you sign up as an Expedia Affiliate, you can add your account details into the back end of website to link your Expedia account with your software. You require an affiliate account with Expedia for this to work. Then you can select 1 of 3 options: would you like your site to only feature Expedia listings, display Expedia listings along with your own listings, or only activate Expedia listings in the event your site no longer has vacancy? When there are no rooms from your properties available, properties from Expedia network will be displayed. You get a finder's fee for these sales.

11. Is iScripts ReserveLogic source code encrypted?
No, iScripts ReserveLogic is not encrypted. You are free to modify the software to suit your website needs. Anyone with HTML and PHP knowledge can customize the software.

12. Which payment gateways are supported in iScripts ReserveLogic?
iScripts ReserveLogic supports PayPal,, YourPay and WorldPay payment processors. In addition, it also supports offline payments like checks, money orders, wire transfers and cash. If you are not accepting deposit payments, you don't really need a payment gateway. You can just use your POS.