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SupportPRO SupportDesk - is the most lowest-cost and most powerful web -based Helpdesk system that you can ever find on the web.Being an established business, handling your customer inquiries effectively and on time must have you constantly worried.SupportDesk is very flexible; one can use it to automate virtually any manual process that needs tracking, routing or managing.

Price : $99.95
Version : 3.0
Platform : Linux,Windows
Updated : 9th February 2019
Online Help Desk Script

iScripts SupportDesk is an open source web-based help desk system with an integrated knowledge base application. This software can help you manage your sales and customer service queries efficiently. Customer support is the key component to online businesses. iScripts SupportDesk is designed specifically for online businesses at an affordable cost. This software also supports a live chat feature,remote desktop sharing capability, and knowledge base.

Price : $249
Version : 4.3
Platform : Linux,Windows
Updated : 11th November 2019
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