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Free Online And Offline Backup Software, For Automatic Secure Backup

Backup2Net is a software which relieves you from the headache of your backup plans and schedules. Backup2Net allows you to copy data automatically on schedule from your PC to your local disks or our secure servers. This free software helps you to take regular backups and saves your data from being lost during mishaps.

Price : FREE
Version : 1.1
Platform : Windows
Updated : 25th January 2019
Online Backup Software

iScripts Backuper is an open source online data backup system for offering private labeled online backup service to your clients. We provide branded client software and server application to start your own private labeled data backup service to your servers. This platform supports highly secure and efficient backup for small businesses and consumers. Key features include multiple computer accounts, 248 bit encryption, bit level backup to improve efficiency, multi-server support, etc.

Price : $749
Version : 2.2
Platform : Backup server is Linux.
Updated : 15th January 2020
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