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Complete Hosting Management

iScripts Autohoster is an Integrated Management and Automation software for Web Hosts - which provides you with effective and simple Web Hosting Management functions, from domain registration, recurring billing, and site builder, to an online helpdesk. You can manage all the aspects of your web hosting business with iScripts Autohoster. This easy-to-use software manages real-time domain registration, account creation, account management, invoicing, online site building, ticket support and more. All the billing and invoicing are effectively managed by this script, including recurring billing and one time billing. The best part is that it comes with an integrated helpdesk and a powerful site builder. Start your hosting business in just a few minutes and let your clients make their online presence in an even shorter amount of time.

Price : $299
Version : 3.0
Platform : Linux, Windows
Updated : 8th January 2020
AWS premium member
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