iScripts PrintLogic

System Requirements For iScripts PrintLogic

Server Requirements
  1. iScripts PrintLogic requires VPS Hosting
  2. iScripts PrintLogic runs equally well on Linux and Windows or any platform that can support a web server and the PHP language
  3. We recommend Apache webserver, but any web server that supports PHP is acceptable
  4. PHP version 5.2 and above
  5. MySQL Enterprise or MySQL Community Server 5 or greater

Other Requirements for Trouble-free Installation/Compatibility

  • GD complied with your PHP Build - (Yes)
  • Image Magick 6.8.9 complied with your PHP - (Yes)
  • Imagick Library complied with your PHP - (Yes)
  • System Function enabled in server - (Yes)
  • SendMail - (Yes)
  • PHP safe mode - (OFF)
  • CURL extension - (Yes)
  • Autotrace Library Enabled in Server ( Optional For Vector Output Generation)

If you already have a hosting solution and want to check if your hosting account has the features for supporting iScripts PrintLogic, click the following download icon to get the phpinfo file. Upload it to your server and check whether your server meets the requirements. If you are not sure, send the location of the uploaded file location to iScripts support we can tell you if your hosting account can support iScripts PrintLogic. Another option is to send this page to your hosting company and ask them if their servers support these features. If you own your server and want to make it compatible, we will do the server updates if you choose us to do the script installation. Also, We have a list of certified web hosts, if you need one.

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