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Give your customers the ability to design or engrave products using the powerful features included within iScripts PrintLogic. The software comes fully equipped with everything you need to launch and maintain your own online printing business. All you need is a domain, hosting plan and your own products/vendors with physical printing capabilities.

Key Features Include:

  • AJAX Based Design Studio Responsive and easy for your customers to use. No multiple clicking or freezing during design or editing! Compatible with iPhones and iPads.
  • Advanced Text, Image & Clipart Manipulation Restrict users to specified fonts, colors, templates and images or give them full design freedom.
  • Built-In Shopping Cart Add any products you want (mugs, shirts, plaques etc.) to sell custom designs within your own ecommerce store.
  • Facebook/Twitter Integration Increase the popularity and exposure of your site with Facebook, Twitter, sharing and even rating products!
  • Multiple Output Files Print-ready vectors at 300 dpi are produced by the software in PDF, TIFF, SVG, PNG and JPG formats.
  • Software for Print Shops This ecommerce and design software is designed specifically for print shops in mind. This can be added to your current website or new site.
  • Add Texture and Paint Bucket feature in editor
  • Multi-Sided Editor Options Aside from various product options (color, size, etc.) you can define multiple areas of a product for your users to design.
  • Pre-Designed Templates Add in your own templates for customers to use during the design process.
  • Team and Jersey Ordering Offering jerseys or products for organizations? PrintLogic has built-in functionality to suit these needs.
  • Powerful Administration Panel Stay in full control over your site with a orders, products, reports, vendor directories, email templates and much more.
  • Support for Popular & Shipping Payment Gateways Already included. Just create accounts with these services and you can begin collecting payment and shipping immediately.
  • Full Product Support Easy setup with installation wizard and 1 free year of product support. Modify the site as you wish with unencrypted code.
  • Promo codes Shoppers will be looking for discounts on holiday items in the next few weeks. If designed right, a promo code can offer the discounts shoppers seek, and help merchants increase sales and profits. We have added a feature for promo codes that may acquire more customers to your website.
  • EPS File Format One of the major features of this version is adding EPS in output file format. Currently, the software supports multiple formats ( TIFF, PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG and .Zip). EPS, which is a useful file format for graphic designers and publishing professionals. Documents that include a vector or raster graphics often feature linked EPS files because the format contains information in a computer language that is compatible with most imagesetters and printers. Some of the advantages of EPS are listed below: EPS files are considered an ideal format for importing into computer graphics applications. The capability to import an EPS file is an advantage worth considering if you make composite images or assemble them for use in printed materials. The advantage of an EPS file is that it can be scaled to any size and retain its quality without getting pixelated. They can easily be imported into other desktop publishing software, especially to edit logos and other designs. They are recognized by printers, in which you can add additional information that will reflect the changes in the output.
  • Stripe Adaptive Payment The Stripe Connect payment gateway is a powerful solution for iScripts PrintLogic which enables you to accept main credit cards worldwide and save sensitive credit card information in Stripe. Stripe is available in many countries and expanding more. The current system supports Paypal and, BluePay, WorldPay and YourPay payments.
  • Fundraiser Feature This innovative feature makes your business and your customers more active, where customers can involve in your printing and designing. Here, The user will create a fundraiser product and check out the same The user will get a shareable link and he can share the same with his friends/contributors. Contributors can access the link and place order. There will be a min quantity for orders. In the admin panel, a new order listing menu will be added for fundraiser order.
  • Design Preview It’s hard to go forward without having a closer look at the design. The preview feature is already existing in PrintLogic, we have enhanced the view and a button to accept and proceed to next level.
  • Brand This feature makes customers purchase the product more easily and efficiently. A master table added for brands, customers would have the ability to choose the brand while adding a product.
  • Rush service Rush service feature will give a message to the user like how fast user is going to get the delivery and the shipping rate for the delivery.
  • Design Changes New themes are added with the responsive feature.
  • PayPal Pro Implementation The feature which helps you to be more professional and lag free with the Advanced PayPal Pro payments. Paypal Pro allows the user to enter his account information on your website or directly from your form. The form visitor will never have to leave your website. There's also more customization options to your form and the transactions on your website.
  • Spam Free Emails Get yourself updated with email confirmations. The feature makes sure that the required information regarding your payments, customizations, orders and like so reaches you. Also don’t get tensed of the result, as our third-party smtp gateways don’t even let them go to your spam folders.
  • Measuring Scale for Products This feature helps you get rid of confusions regarding product size. A usable measuring scale on the product details page helps the user to identify the required size more accurately.
    A sample size check looks like,
    Size Inches CM
    M 38-40 96-101
    L 40-42 101-106
    XL 42-44 106-111
  • Options for Quality Images Does it ever seems that image uploading is a confusing task? Here in the new PrintLogic, while uploading images, crop feature is included for getting the required parts only. Further, the image clarity is also ensured in the new version.
  • Fully Functional and ready to use Website PrintLogic allows the site to be fully functional after a fresh installation with a default category, product, vendor, flat rate shipping etc. Payments details and other data are only to be inserted later. The user can have it as an example of products related features from the defaults.
  • SEO friendly URLs The new PrintLogic comes with SEO friendly URLs which helps new pages to get indexed and displayed in search results faster at Google, meaning updates/changes to existing pages or products are able to be re-indexed in less time.
  • Quantity Setting for Products Quantity amount can be set on the products page. Either minimum or maximum amount can be can be set accordingly.
  • Alphabroder api Integration An advanced feature included in iScripts PrintLogic which helps you to add products directly into the pages without the initial uploading steps. The process is done with alphabroder api Integration.

Choose How to Run Your Site

Supports Various Ordering Methods: Charge per product, ask users to request a quote, or use both methods together on your site. If you would like your users to call in to complete an order and payment, the software is also equipped for this option. By disabling the shopping cart functionality, you can have more control over the amount of inventory ordered and require personal interaction before order completion. Match your site to the way you do business!

Charge Users Additional Fees: If users would like to use multiple colors or upload more images, you can allow this for free of cost or require users to pay additional fees.

Integrated Shipping & Payment Solutions:

The application includes shipping solutions to easily organize product order fulfillments and deliver orders on time. Shipping methods include 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th flat rate options, UPS, USPS and FedEx as well as Canada and Australia shipping options. PayPal, BluePay, YourPay, WorldPay and payment gateways are included to facilitate easy transactions. The store also includes processes for you to easily organize order fulfillment and deliver products on time.

Flexible & Advanced Design Editor

AJAX Based Image Editor:

Your users can create their own designs using the drag-n-drop interactivity and advanced editor tools such as cropping, layering, text shaping and rotation. Allow ease-of-use during design, text and image transition. As the site administrator, you can designate design areas on any area of the selected product. This is done with lightweight javascript editors. No need for flash to run these designers.

Design Options:Add to the software's preloaded options by adding an unlimited amount of additional fonts or cliparts for your customers to use. Allow users to upload photos or require them to use set templates, images, graphics or logos on your site.

Product Templates: Admin can upload pre-defined templates. Users can either purchase a template as is or customize it to create their ideal design.

Custom Printing & Notes:Users have the option to customize an item for bulk orders. This is an ideal solution for ordering team jerseys or other organized groups.

Multiple Output Files:

After users create designs within the editor, multiple high resolution, print-ready files and vector images at 300 dpi are produced. PDF, TIFF, EPS, SVG, PNG and JPG files are automatically generated by the software.

iPad & iPhone Compatible:

If your customers are using an iPad or iPhone, they can still use the editor and have access to the same functionality they would have on a computer or laptop.

Easy and Customizable Site Management

Hosted on Your Server: All files will be hosted on your private server as your property. Never pay monthly fees for using your software.

Product Bulk Upload: Admin can add all the products at once in a single CSV upload.

Product Options (color, material, etc)

Unlimited Users, Templates & Products: Add an unlimited number of products, clipart, fonts or categories at no additional cost with unlimited software expandability.

Choose Your Theme, Home Page Layout and Content:

Choose the theme that best fits your site while using the CMS (content management system) to edit all text and copy on static pages. Customize your homepage by managing the layout, homepage banners and using one of many additional themes supplied within the software.

Message Board, Site Feedback & Testimonials

Do customers like your site? Allow them to post site feedback and manage all testimonials.

Payment Gateways Supported

  • PayPal

  • Authorize.Net

  • PayFast

  • YourPay

  • WorldPay

  • BluePay

  • Stripe

Screen Shots

User Panel

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Admin Panel

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