iScripts NetMenus


1. What is iScripts NetMenus?
iScripts NetMenus is a script that enables people to build an online food court website.

2. As a service provider, what are the benefits and advantages of iScripts NetMenus?
As a service provider, you get increased revenue over the high volume of customer activities that are generated on your site.

3. Is iScripts NetMenus stable and reliable?
Yes, iScripts NetMenus is very stable and reliable, and it is used by a number of customers worldwide.

4. How and where can I evaluate iScripts NetMenus?
iScripts NetMenus online demo is available at You can find sample mobile apps there also.

5. Can you install iScripts NetMenus for me?
Yes, we can install the software on your server for free.

6. Do I need a secure server?
If you are using Authorize.Net as your payment method, you will need a secure server. If you are using PayPal, the program runs on your website, automatically connecting to PayPal's own secure server for credit card transactions.

7. How can I modify the site once it's installed?
The administrative panel comes with a content management area to edit contents of selected pages.

8. Is the source code of iScripts NetMenus encrypted?
No. The source code of iScripts NetMenus is not encrypted and you are free to modify the code to suit your requirements.

9. In what ways can I charge my customers ?
You can charge a customer for registering with the site and making a sale transaction over the site.

10. Is help provided?
There is a help link available for easy assistance. End user help files can be edited from the admin panel.

11. What if I need to customize the script?
As iScripts NetMenus code is not encrypted, you are free to modify the code to suit your requirements. If you want us to customize the script for you, please contact