iScripts NetMenus Enterprise Models And Use Cases

By choosing an online multi-restaurant food ordering system, you are making it easy for customers to order food from various restaurants. As a marketplace owner, the NetMenus Enterprise can transform the food industry with an on-demand servicing platform to deliver foods from the nearby restaurants to the customers at their doorstep. Enhance online food ordering experience for your customers with their own mobile food ordering app and website. The platform has been framed to serve customers and restaurants through streamlined technology solutions. So this platform can drive in more sales for your business partners as well. You can choose to operate your online ordering site in the following ways:

The GrubHub Model

Grubhub is an online and mobile platform for pick-up and delivery of food orders. The business model of GrubHub has been framed to service customers through streamlined technology solutions to help them order food online from a range of food joints to get the food delivered at their home. Grubhub takes a giant lead in the online food ordering market by being an instant solution for the restaurants to serve larger masses. They derive their revenue by getting a commission from every order and by channeling the restaurants using GrubHub as an advertisement platform.

You can earn in the form of Grubhub model, commission on orders and marketing activities. Customers order food online from their favorite restaurant and get it delivered at a convenient time. The platform takes a percentile of fee out of every order after the delivery. GrubHub is a great platform for restaurants to enhance their market presence and expand their consumer base. The company has well-defined marketing and advertising plans for the restaurants which feature them on the top of the results for a limited time and results in bringing more traffic.

DoorDash Model

The business model of DoorDash is designed to benefit users as well as the restaurants. It enables users to find a restaurant and order food on one hand and on the other DoorDash gives restaurants access to an extended customer base. It also benefits people by offering them employment for delivering food. Since its foundation, DoorDash has managed to raise decent funding from investors and has tied up with many popular restaurant chains in major cities of the USA.

DoorDash charges a commission percentage out of each and every order delivered. Restaurant advertising on the platform. Besides commission, DoorDash also charges restaurants for their marketing and advertising on their platform. To be on the top of the list of restaurants for a limited time, for pop up in advanced search, DoorDash charges commission. DoorDash hires its own drivers, who are called Dashers. The delivery rate depends upon the distance of travel and DoorDash’s tie-up with the restaurant in consideration. You can generate revenue in this model.

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Set up an Online Marketplace for Multi-Restaurant Food Ordering

Whether you are looking to set up a multi-restaurant food ordering marketplace, then iScripts NetMenus Enterprise is a fully functional solution to run your business profitable. Online food delivery services are high in demand since people love to get food delivered in their comfort zone. Also, a large number of restaurants would be more than happy to be a part of a service that would provide them with delivery services at minimal costs and enable their food to reach a wider audience. So much demand for easy on-demand food delivery is making Online Food Delivery a big and popular business. The platform enables your clients to choose their preferred food from local restaurants and delivers food to the clients’ place in the shortest possible time.

Depending upon the location, your customer can place the order from the nearest restaurant branch. So, with this approach, you can drive in more sales for your business patterns. The platform is fully manageable by the administrator so that he can make all the necessary changes as per his requirements.

You can set up a world's leading online food delivery platforms like GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats, Deliveroo, Zomato, and FoodPanda with this turnkey product.

Earn from iScripts NetMenus Enterprise

As a marketplace owner, iScripts Netmenus Enterprise will allow you to earn money in a form of commission, delivery fee, and advertising. The marketplace owner can set and manage these functions from the administrator panel. Usually, most of the revenue comes from commission and delivery services by delivering food ordered. The marketplace owner can set the commission rate from the restaurant and customers for every order.

You can charge a fee to the restaurants you will be representing. Generally, the more a restaurant pays the better it’s positioning on your platform. The delivery charge and commission are the primary earning of your food delivery startup. Because the platform can charge a fixed or commission-based delivery charge to the restaurants, the delivery business becomes quite promising for the business owner.

How fast you can configure the iScripts NetMenus Enterprise

iScripts NetMenus Enterprise makes starting your online food delivery platform easy and hassle-free. After purchasing this script, you can add your logo, site content, and manage the product property within the administration area. This process is very direct and can be accomplished with just a few clicks with the help of our development and product support team.

Once you install the software you’ll get complete access to control the multi-restaurant ordering platform as the site administrator. We can install our multi-restaurant ordering script on your hosting account. iScripts NetMenus Enterprise is an open-source multi-restaurant food ordering software script without code encryption. You can customize the script as per your website needs. If you need help from our development team request a customization quote and we are happy to help.

The iScripts NetMenus Enterprise Advantage

The platform allows your customers to order from the best restaurants in the business – from nearby hotspots to national top choices – and get the nourishment they love conveyed quickly, right to their entryway.

  • The platform is fully dedicated to people who are looking forward to getting food delivered at their doorstep and restaurants seeking a tie-up.
  • A simple registration will allow anybody to register on the platform quickly and easily.
  • Customers can access smart search functionality to search through a list of restaurants and select their favorite food from their favorite cuisines.
  • Users can avail special deals and offers by skimming through the restaurant territory on the platform. The search results can be refined by selecting the location for placing the order.
  • The platform equipped with features like deals and coupons. Therefore, by offering deals and coupons to your new or regular customers, you can promote your restaurant chain and boost online sales.
  • Attract customers and business partners with existing and successfully running business models.
  • After finalizing the choice of food and restaurant, users have the option to process it online and make transactions at their convenience by paying through any of their convenient payment gateways.
  • Nowadays, everyone is busy doing their routine work. Therefore, most of the customers prefer to order food online. It helps them to save their traveling & waiting time as well as fuel.
  • A web-based administration area will be provided for the marketplace owner to control the primary functions of the platform and access data as required.
  • This platform provides a web platform and an iOS Android mobile Application.
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Mobile App Details

Online food ordering is made simple. Download the free JustEatNow app and get access to more than a large number of delivery restaurants straight from your smartphone.

  • Choose restaurants based on location, cuisine choices, timings and more from an exhaustive listing.
  • Customers can pay in the mode they choose, from all the latest payment options available.
  • Manage profiles, addresses, payment details, notification settings for better user experience.
  • The App is fully manageable by the Admin so that he can make all the necessary changes as per his requirements.

iScripts NetMenus Enterprise Includes:

  • Responsive design
  • Rich UI/UX experience
  • Easy navigation and simpler sign-In, sign-up process for users
  • Search by category, restaurants, and cuisine to find most rated and trending dishes
  • Explore with the smart search functionality to find relevant outcomes
  • View restaurant’s menu along with updated images, prices, operation hours and choices
  • View restaurant’s menu with along updated images, prices and choices
  • Browse menus and build the order in seconds
  • Get the upfront average cost for two people from a selected eatery
  • The platform can easily locate vegan options in nearby restaurants
  • New and exclusive badges will provide best available food items
  • Easily customize user cart by add and remove items in a single tap
  • Option to put cooking and delivery instructions while ordering
  • Customers can save multiple delivery address for a future and faster ordering process
  • Customers can tip the delivery person who delivers it
  • Pay directly through the app with secured channels
  • Users can get new promo codes daily and use at checkout
  • This platform provides a web platform and an iOS Android mobile Application
  • Users will receive real-time notifications on various events
  • A web-based administration area will be provided for the administrator/marketplace owner to control the primary functions of the website and access data as required
  • Easy-to-use Content Management System
  • Open Source PHP/Angular Script and React Native Mobile App

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