iScripts MultiCart


1. How can I use iScripts MultiCart for my business?
If you already have an online business, you can still use iScripts MultiCart to increase sales. Maybe you work or participate in a community or for a cause. Maybe you have a physical store or provide a service to clients. You can create a marketplace featuring your products or services and partner up with other sellers to expand your offering. If you are part of a cause or large group, you could feature products created by individuals within your community and possibly donate profits. iScripts MultiCart is a flexible multi-vendor software which you can use to create the perfect virtual marketplace or seller community.
If you already have a website, you can easily link to iScripts MultiCart (the marketplace area) on your site. If you require a design and theme integration, this can be accomplished by requesting customization.

2. What are the main benefits associated with launching a multi-vendor marketplace?
There are many advantages that come along with starting your online marketplace. By having multiple vendors sell on your site, you can quickly increase sales by offering more products. By owning the site, you can easily control which vendors and products are listed. As a service provider, you will generate revenue from commissions of sales on merchandise from the vendors. Typically, store operators charge anywhere from 8-25% of the net revenue. You choose your own business model, commissions, fees, and modes of operation. This keeps you in full control of your website while attracting a large pool of potential buyers searching for products offered by sellers.

3. Will transactions on my online marketplace be secure?
Yes, iScripts MultiCart is very secure and is used by a large number of customers worldwide. iScripts MultiCart follows all PCI and data security standard requirements. You do not have to be concerned about reliability or fickle security protocols when launching your marketplace.

4. How do I know if iScripts MultiCart will work for me? Is there a free trial available?
We believe you should try iScripts MultiCart for yourself to decide if this is the solution for you. We offer a free, public online demo at Using the demo, you can see what your site will look like to users, vendors, and yourself. There are three login areas to test. If you have any questions while using the iScripts MultiCart demo, you can call, contact live chat or email us for further assistance!
Additionally, you can also use the demo in conjunction with the iScripts MultiCart Quick Start Guide located at

5. How do I know if I can operate the site myself?
View the iScripts MultiCart Quick Start Guide in conjunction with the online demo to ensure you will understand how to use the software. In short, if you know how to use Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, then you should navigate the iScripts MultiCart software just fine.
If you find that you have issues installing the software on your server or hosting account, we can install it for you quickly. Purchase the $49.95 installation service during or after checkout to have us install the software on your server.
If you do not know what a domain or hosting account is, your best option would be to use the iScripts Cloud version. Visit for more information.

6. Do my vendors need accounts with payment gateways? How does payment work?
No, vendors do not need payment gateways, but they may need a PayPal account to receive their share of profits. This depends on your site settings and chosen mode of operation.
When a buyer purchases an item, it is processed through a third party payment gateway. You choose which payment gateways your site should use. After the payment is processed, it is controlled by you, the site administrator.
You decide whether or not all these payments should come to you directly (and split manually) or automatically split between sellers and you.
If you choose to take advantage of the PayPal split payment option, each merchant will need a standard PayPal account. They will not process any transactions. They will receive their share of funds within this account (minus your set commission.) This split payment is automatically generated.
If your site is set to operate as "Direct to Admin," all funds will come to you. In this case, you will need to allocate funds to sellers on a every month offsite.

7. Which payment gateways does iScripts MultiCart support?
iScripts MultiCart supports a wide variety of payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, Worldpay, First Data, and BluePay.

8. What is an SSL and do I need it?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.
If you are using Authorize.Net, Worldpay or First Data as your payment method, you will need a secure server.
If you are using PayPal, the program runs on your website, automatically connecting to PayPal's or Google's secure server for credit card transactions.

9. Do I need PHP on my server?
Yes, PHP and MySQL are needed to run the program. If you have server related questions, contact your hosting provider to make sure your server specifics match the iScripts MultiCart Requirements page at
If you have additional questions, contact or contact us on live chat!

10. Can I access the source code in iScripts MultiCart or is it encrypted?
iScripts MultiCart source code is not encrypted and you are free to modify the code in order to change your website at any time. Keep in mind that iScripts also offers affordable customizations. Contact or (800) 569-5538 if you would like any design, feature or functionality changes.

11. Can I use iScripts MultiCart if I want to offer digital downloads like eBooks and templates?
Yes, iScripts MultiCart can be used to sell unlimited physical as well as digital and downloadable products! To see how this works, try adding a digital file or product to the live demo located at in conjunction with the Quick Start Guide found at

12. Can a single order contain products from multiple vendors?
Yes, a single order can contain products from multiple vendors when it is configured to collect payment from users to the marketplace. If payment is sent from users to sellers directly only a vendor’s product can be included in a single transaction.

13. Can I use iScripts MultiCart to sell my products?
Yes, if you would like to sell your products alone or along with your vendors, you can. Simply sign up as a seller on your site and add products. Currently, there is no way for you to add your products or seller account while logged in as the site administrator. This functionality will be considered for a future release.

14. What if I want my e-commerce marketplace to function a specific way or have a feature not already built into the software?
As iScripts MultiCart codes are not encrypted, you are free to modify them to suit your requirements. If you want us to customize the script for you, please contact

15. Can I see live sites created by customers using iScripts MultiCart?
Our scripts and software packages are used by over 12,000 customers worldwide. Some of our iScripts MultiCart customers remove our copyright to stay private, some modify the code to create an entirely customized online marketplace, and others use the script as is. While we would love to be able to share all live sites, we respect our customers' privacy. However, we encourage our customers to share their sites themselves by adding it to the iScripts Customer Showcase:
Custom works can be seen at the bottom of our Customization page :

16. How long can I use iScripts MultiCart and where can I install it? What if I have more than one website?
You can use your script forever! Each purchase of iScripts MultiCart is good for one domain or subdomain. If you are looking to install your iScripts MultiCart multi-vendor marketplace on multiple domains or want to create a website for various clients, you will need to purchase separate licenses. Additional licenses can be purchased at volume discounts. Contact (312) 423-6728 for more information.

More questions and entries are available in the Knowledge Base.