iScripts MultiCart Enterprise


1. What is iScripts MultiCart Enterprise?
iScripts MultiCart Enterprise is a feature rich shopping cart system that handles multiple vendors and multiple resellers thereby generating multiple store fronts.

2. As a service provider what are the benefits and advantages of iScripts MultiCart Enterprise?
As a service provider you generate revenue from commission of sale of merchandise from the vendors. Typically store operators charge from 8-25% of the net revenue.

3. Is iScripts MultiCart Enterprise stable and reliable?
Yes.iScripts MultiCart Enterprise is very stable and reliable and is used by a number of customers worldwide.

4. How and where can I evaluate iScripts MultiCart Enterprise?
iScripts MultiCart Enterprise full featured, online demo is available at

5. Do my vendors need payment processing accounts?
No. When a buyer sends payment it goes to the administrator. So sellers do not need any payment gateways.

6. Which payment processors are supported?
iScripts MultiCart Enterprise supports PayPal and, Google Checkout, WorldPay and YourPay

7. Do I need a SSL installed on your server?
If you are using, Worldpay or YorPay as your payment method you will need a secure server. If you are using PayPal or Google Checkout the program runs on your own web site, automatically connecting to the PayPal's or Google's own secure server for credit card transactions.

8. Do I need PHP on my server?
Yes. PHP and MySQL is needed to run the program

9. Is iScripts MultiCart Enterprise source code encrypted?
No. iScripts MultiCart Enterprise source code is not encrypted and you are free to modify them to suit your requirements.

10. How is money handled in iScripts MultiCart Enterprise ?
When the user makes a payment the money goes to the Administrator directly. Once the merchandize are delivered to the buyer, money is distributed among the vendors after deducting the commission percentage. Most of the sites distribute payment to vendors once a month.

11. Does iScripts MultiCart Enterprise be used for digital downloads like eBooks and templates?
Yes. iScripts MultiCart Enterprise can be used for digital downloads.

12. Can a single order contain products from multiple vendors?
Yes. A single order can contain products from multiple vendors.

13. Can I use iScripts MultiCart Enterprise to sell my products only?
Yes. You can sell only your own products by signing up as a seller and adding products.

14. What if I need a customization of the script?
As iScripts MultiCart codes are not encrypted you are free to modify them to suit your requirement. In case you want us to customize the script for you , please contact

15. Where can I see a live operating site using iScripts MultiCart Enterprise?
You can see live sites at Customer Showcase More items are available at the knowledgebase