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Online Directory Platform

iScripts EasyIndex is designed to create professional business directories and classified sites effortlessly. These business directories can be stand-alone or part of an existing website. Both vertical directories, as well as broad geographical directories, are supported. It provides a powerful administrative area to manage users, listings, descriptions, etc.

Price : $249
Version : 2.2
Platform : Linux,Windows
Updated : 9th February 2023
Online Survey Platform

iScripts EasyWebSurveys gets you going with online surveys with unlimited question-and-answer methods for data collection, analysis, reporting, and feedback. These surveys can be given to your existing and potential customers about all the facets of your products and services. The software enables you to create an unlimited number of surveys hosted on your servers that you can send out to an endless amount of respondents. You can also create professional, multi-page surveys on your website for market research. iScripts EasyWebSurveys allows for the following query types: open response, single and multiple response. This software will also summarize the results in professional and easy-to-read charts.

Price : FREE
Version : 1.0
Platform : Linux,Windows
Updated : 20th March 2023
Multi Vendor Shopping Cart

iScripts MultiCart is a unique multi-seller shopping cart that enables you to have one storefront and multiple vendors for physical or digital products. This is great when dealing with small, independent merchants. Perfect examples would be art stores, craft stores, collectibles, eBooks, designs, etc. The store operator provides operational and marketing support in exchange for a commission. Orders will be communicated directly to the vendors who can ship the item to the seller. Vendors add products, update prices, upload pictures, and ship items to customers. This software also supports credit card processing payment gateways like Authorize.Net, YourPay, Worldpay, Google Checkout, and PayPal as well as affiliate programs, Multiple Skins, Catalog, and Easy Installer. This virtual shopping mall solution is completely customizable, as the source code is not encrypted.

Price : $349
Version : 3.4
Platform : Linux,Windows
Updated : 17th September 2023
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