iScripts Logistics Customer Portal

This solution is developed for last mile delivery companies to manage their customers, billing, quotes, and scheduling. It can be used for first mile, 3PL and CFA companies as well. It uses bringg platform as the backend and integrated bringg api for different functions. So it is created for logistics and transportation businesses using of Bringg Platform. The customer portal can be integrated to current website or created as a new website.

Last MILE delivery Model

iScripts Logistics Customer Portal is a customer service portal for last mile delivery companies. Your clients can schedule their deliveries or pickups .It can also provide quotes for deliveries and pickup based on your rate tables. The system has been integrated with the Bringg platform which manages the delivery process. The system will offer real-time updates regarding the package status from your bringg platform. The system will forward the Bringg agent's contact number so that user can directly interact and receive the shipment. After the delivery process has been completed the user will be updated from the portal regarding the successful confirmation of delivery. This solution is highly customizable and is available for bringg customers.

Package Management

If you want to operate a business to receive packages for your customers, here is an off the shelf platform. This system offers customers a reliable and convenient package management solution which fits their requirements regarding their availability . You can create a delivery/pickup/warehousing solution for consumers or businesses like Shyp or Doorman. Package management offers a safe storage management which customers can forward the packages from online shopping portals. This is very useful for customers who might lose their packages to theft, missed deliveries etc..The store will keep the packages for short time or long time based on the customer requirements. Customers could either pick up their packages once they are back to the hometown or they can deliver the packages to their home/business address.

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