iScripts Logistic Partners Models And Use Cases

iScripts Logistic Partners is a delivery solution that connects consumers with verified trucking companies seamlessly and efficiently. The solution aims to make deliveries fast, affordable, and ergonomic. Users can add their consignment, including the pickup and drop-off locations, and verified drivers can bid and accept the delivery. The user-friendly interface accommodates any consignment, from personal packages to small businesses, independent contractors, and even larger corporations.
The platform comes with a user app and a driver app. Trucking companies can register via a web application and hire and provide drivers. The end-consumer app contains a simple dashboard where users can add consignments and other details.
Drivers have an app showing nearby requests where they can place bids. The user has the final option to accept or reject the bid based on driver reviews and price. The user can also make counter-bids, and once the proposal is accepted, the driver's journey begins, and the app shows the driver's exact location.
iScripts Logistic Partners comprises four distinct sections: the Admin side, User side, Trucking Companies, and Driver side.


The admin side of the iScripts Logistic Partners app offers numerous features that make the application more efficient and effective. The admin can control the delivery zones, categories, vehicles, marketing, drivers, and trucking companies. They can also create unlimited pages within the user and driver apps. Additionally, the admin controls payments and invoice settings, including payment statuses, driver cash collection, payout list, and payout request.


The user side of the LogisticsPartners app is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Users can quickly sign up and sign in with email. The app's home screen displays a Google map showing the user's current location and an input for the delivery location. Users can easily search for locations and add details of the consignment they wish to transport. Drivers who are nearby can view these requests and bid on them. The final power rests on the user, who can select a driver with affordable rates and good ratings. The app provides the duration for delivering items or products, cost for each bid, and detailed information for pickup and drop. Payment is made within the app.

Trucking Companies

Trucking companies are responsible for onboarding drivers onto the platform, ensuring heightened dependability as certified and licensed drivers are added under the umbrella of the trucking company brand rather than individual drivers handling consignments. The process entails a single sign-up through the web for trucking companies, with driver onboarding done via a designated section within their web application. Upon driver registration, the trucking company will receive a unique username and password to share with the driver, allowing them to access the driver's app.

Driver App

The 'driver app' of iScripts Logistic Partners allows drivers to bid on user delivery requests. They can view nearby consignments and place bids on them. Once the user accepts the proposal, the app displays the driver's exact location and movements. It also enables them to track their earnings and payout list. The payment is made to the trucking companies, and the drivers can earn through monthly salaries or commissions.

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