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Living in a new campus at a new location can get a tidbit tedious on the students. Well, this has been made easy by the UConnection Application, an exquisite offering by the Verge Campus Group in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The UConnection app is a campus-specific group deals application exclusively designed for the students at Verge Campus. Verge Campus Group offers students across fifty different campuses in the United States with online solutions to make their lives easier in order to improve the lifestyle of the students in the US. This application with mobile support and compatible with the latest technologies allows students to easily browse through the best offers in town. The app pulls down the best-in town deals, daily specialities, coupon codes and much more in the restaurants and bars. Being at a new place, this app helps the students to find new friends and interact with people using the application. You can find people, phone contacts, etc. The discover tab helps students to find new friends and business in the campus town and across the country easily. Another major feature of the application is that it is integrated with the on-demand taxi service, Uber which allows students to easily book a cab to travel to different destinations with just a click. Just like any other on-demand platform this application also provides provision for the students to search for different restaurants, business, products or services and view profiles and add and manage your profile using the application. They can also add and view reviews, deals, offers, and connect to different profiles using the UConnection platform.