iScripts GroupDeals

iScripts GroupDeals Features

Start your own online business by giving your customers the ability to create your own ecommerce marketplace with multiple vendors in the backend. The software comes fully equipped with everything you need to launch and maintain your own ecommerce business.

Main Features

Referral Program

  • Under referral center in admin
  • Purchase digital gift card from Amazon for referral amount
  • Send to email/updated email
  • Check action box after sending to notify user in app

Adding Vendors

  • Type vendor name in appropriate format
  • Allow all email suffix: no
  • Send by Gmail: no, unless reports of transactional emails getting blocked
  • Input address of the vendors

Transactional Emails Monitoring

  • Monitor UC Users tab in admin
  • Identify long strings of unconfirmed users.
  • Can manually send them confirmation link by copying the link icon in the action column

Questions From Users

  • Questions from users and requests to add their vendor
  • Many questions received around capabilities, product features, support, enhancements, bugs, etc.

User Gen Content Monitoring

  • User gen content tab in admin
  • Must approve or disapprove any pictures or videos submitted by users
  • Functionality to approve content and have it display in both the scrolling feed and the vendor page, or simply the vendor page – typically want to approve just for vendor page unless it is a very good picture or video
  • Reported Deals Monitoring
  • Reported deal tab in admin
  • Used to verify deals and reach out to vendors to confirm
  • Can view the deal in the action tab through the eye icon
  • Can delete the item through the trash icon once the item has been resolved

Marketing Program

  • Marketing program tab in admin
  • Creating territory assigns a user to a specific state, territory, and/or Vendor
  • Ensure the email used is the same email the user signed up
  • Start date will indicate when tracking and compensation starts for that user
  • Different status levels can be achieved by surpassing user levels inputted in the left column under start date
  • Compensation tracking at those levels is inputted in the right column under start date

App User Features

  • Menu: Option to view the profile,Home,Activity, Discover, Free gift cards
  • User Access

  • Profile: We can see the name,designation. User will have the Option to edit, See the favorites,View reviewed products/services,Savings,Connections and Find people.
  • Find people: Option to to find people by clicking the icon at top right(Connect) This option can be used to connect people, connect with our phone contacts and facebook friends(will ask permission to access)
  • See Favorites: Option to view added favorites and option to add favorite as well. Clicking on the list will take it to details screen.
  • Add Favorite: Clicking this will show a page which shows major service providers. Clicking on them will add it to favorites by saving.
  • View reviewed products/services: Here we can see the reviews which we have provided.The reviews are updated based on the latest on top.Clicking the listview will take the user to review. Saving will repost with latest review. User can view status like newbie with badge.
  • Savings: Here user will see the savings made through using the deals as well as their position with others. Clicking on the savings will take the user to leaderboard.Clicking on list will take to details page.
  • Leaderboard: Here shows the list of users position based on their saving. Clicking user will take them to that profile. Option to connect, view their favorite, reviews savings and connections.
  • Connections: Shows list of connections associated with that user.
  • Edit profile: Here the user can edit major details. It also acts as a setting page to manage the profile, facebook authentication, notifications, provide feedback and logout. Make appropriate changes and press save.
  • Home: The major user section of this App. We can see the major categories, Filter, search option. By default, it will ask to enable our location settings. If not able to determine the location, we can click the option here to view products and services which is farther than 25 miles.
  • Product Listing: Product listing has the following details:
  • Service provider name, picture, reviews, Subcategory, price range, distance, Exclusive deal or not, other information like new deal or openings if any.Clicking on a listing shows the detail page.
  • Product detail:Shows the deals, request uber ride which redirects to uber App,add photos & videos and add reviews. Clicking on a deal will make the user to use the deal. User can enter the amount paid or directly add to the savings.
  • At top right there is a button to add to favorite, share, report
  • Search: type the required service provide(Merchant to display the result)
  • Filter: Display products based on price. Sort products whose result is based on the category which we are currently in.
  • Activity: This section shows all the activity happening and other user using the App.There is option to find people.
  • Discover: From the Discover tab, you can easily view all business

Other SDKs Used

  • AWS SNS for push Campaigns
  • Send-In Blue for email Campaigns.
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