iScripts GoStores


1. How does iScripts GoStores work and what does it do?
iScripts GoStores is an ecommerce website builder and hosting system. You simply install the software on a server of your choice to set up your online business. Once this is complete, you can market your website and gain customers. Your customers will have the ability to quickly create and manage their own online stores. Using this model, your service would be similar to Shopify. In addition, you will also receive a comprehensive support ticket system equipped with remote desktop sharing and live chat. This allows you to efficiently manage customer inquiries. We created our software to be the most powerful and accurate domain registration and hosting management solution available.

2. As a service provider, what are the benefits of using iScripts GoStores?
If you already have a design or web hosting business, you can increase your revenue by additional services. By offering hosting, domain and site building services to your new or existing clients, you can fulfill all customer needs. At the same time, the software gives you the ability to ensure they receive prompt assistance in order to solve and find solutions for any support issues that may arise. In addition, iScripts GoStores gives you the flexibility to decide how to run your business by choosing which services to offer and determining pricing specifics.

3. Is iScripts GoStores scalable and secure enough for my business?
At iScripts, we create all our software to include the most up-to-date security and PCI requirements. All our software packages, including iScripts GoStores, are designed to support and scale to your growing business. You can count on iScripts GoStores to be stable enough to handle all templates, users and payments added to the system.

4. Is there a free trial of iScripts GoStores? How do I know if it's easy enough for me?
We encourage you to try the iScripts GoStores web hosting and store building software for yourself using the live demo. Our live demo is refreshed daily and open to the public. The demo is available at:
To further determine if the software is right for you, you can also take a look at the iScripst GoStores Quick Start Guide located within this section:
Keep in mind that iScripts also offers a 30-day refund policy to ensure you purchase confidently. If you find that the software is not the best fit for your needs, simply ask for a refund within 30 days of your iScripts GoStores purchase.

5. What if I have trouble installing the iScripts GoStores software on my server?
If you encounter technical difficulties while attempting to install the iScripts GoStores software on your server, you can purchase the installation service for $49.95. This process can be completed during your iScripts GoStores purchase, or afterwards.

6. Which payment processors are supported?
PayPal (regular, Pro, Express, Advanced, Flow Link), Ogone, Moneybookers, Braintree, Google Checkout, YourPay, Quickbook,, and TwoCheckout are all supported by iScripts Gostores. Decide which of the gateways you would like to use on your website. After setting up an account with each company, you will need to provide specific details in the backend of your website in order for payments and transactions to be processed successfully.

7. Does my hosting and website-building business require a SSL?
If you are using a credit card processor, you will need a SSLto complete payments and transactions. If you are using PayPal or Google Checkout, the program will automatically connect to PayPal's or Google's secure server to process these purchases.

8. What exactly do I need to properly operate iScripts GoStores?
Compare the list displayed on the Requirements Page with the hosting provider of your choice. If you have questions, you may contact your provider to discuss specifics or contact our team for additional assistance. In addition to these requirements, you will need a hosting and/or domain reseller account. If you have additional questions regarding this process, please contact our live chat representative or call 1-800-569-2238 for more information.

9. Is iScripts GoStores' source code encrypted? Can I make changes to the software and my website?
No. All scripts created by iScripts are open source which means you can change the features and functionality right after purchasing of any time in the future. If you do not have PHP programming knowledge or a programmer of your own, iScripts can customize the iScripts GoStores software to fit your needs. Simply email or call 1-800-569-5538 for an affordable, fixed-price quote

10. Do I need domain reseller account to use iScripts GoStores?
Yes, you will need reseller accounts to use real-time domain registration for your users. Every iScripts GoStores customer receives a free eNom, reseller account, if you want. Another option is to complete domain registration manually or allow users to register their domains elsewhere. Contact us for more information or to set up your account after completing your purchase.

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