iScripts eSwap


1. What is iScripts eSwap?
iScripts eSwap is a bartering and swapping script that enables you to create your own virtual swap meet website. The site you create can run on a number of modes and business models involving selling and purchasing items, swapping only, or utilizing the integrated points system. There are a number of additional features also contained within the software including user ratings and reviews, counter-offer functionality and more.

2. What are the benefits and advantages of iScripts eSwap for the site owner?
As a service provider, you receive increased revenue due to high volume of customer activities generated on your site. If you have an existing online business or community, you can enhance your services and relations by offering a fully loaded swapping platform. While allowing users to list items for sale or swap, you can also offer your own selection of items and products.

3. Where can I evaluate the iScripts eSwap software?
The iScripts eSwap online demo is available for public use at View the website from two perspectives: user and admin. The admin side will give you a clear understanding of your capabilities and limitations as the site administrator. Use the demo in conjunction with the iScripts eSwap Quick Start Guide located here: Check the user side to view the website as your users and community members would experience it.

4. I don't know how to install iScripts eSwap on my server. Who can help me?
The iScritps eSwap script comes with an easy-to-use install wizard. If you need help, iScripts can install the software on your server for $49.95. During or after your iScripts eSwap purchase, select the Installation Service and supply your control panel details so that we may install the software for you within one business day.

5. Which payment gateways are supported in iScripts eSwap?
iScripts eSwap supports PayPal and payment gateways. In addition, the swapping script also supports offline payments such as checks, bank transfers and more.

6. Do I need a secure server to run my bartering community?
If you are using as your payment method, you will need a secure server. If you are using PayPal, the program runs on your own website, automatically connecting to PayPal's secure server for credit card transactions.

7. How can I modify the site after it is installed on my server?
If you need to make changes to your website, the administrative panel comes equipped with a content management area for you to edit content on specific pages. You can also add your own logo and banners. Beyond this, you can purchase a Design Integration package if none of the templates within the software work for your site design and theme. If you would like to change the functionality of your site, you will have to request a personal quote from our sales team by emailing or calling our team at 1-800-569-5538.

8. Can my own programmers edit the software?
Yes, iScripts eSwap's source code is not encrypted. This means you can have your own team work on the site, or even modify it yourself if you have PHP programming knowledge.

9. How can I charge my customers?
iScripts eSwap supports number of revenue models. You can charge customer a one registration fee, per transaction fees, success fees, listing fee, recurring monthly fee, escrow fee, and initial virtual current payments.Or any combination of these based on your market.

10. How can I make the site registration free?
Set the "Allow Free Registration" setting to "Yes" and set a large value for "# of Days" in the "Change Settings" feature within the admin panel.

11. Is help provided?
There is a help link provided for easy assistance. End user help files can also be edited from the admin panel. If you would like additional assistance, be sure to use the iScritps eSwap Quick Start Guide located at In addition, you can also contact our support team by emailing or through our live chat representative.

12. Why are the registered users unable to login?
The site administrator must activate the registered users before they can log into the site.

13. What if I need to customize the script?
As iScripts eSwap codes are not encrypted, meaning you are free to modify the site to suit your website needs at any time. If you would like an affordable quote or discuss your needs, contact or call 1-800-569-5538.