iScripts EasyCreate


1. What is iScripts EasyCreate and what can I do with it?
iScripts EasyCreate is a feature-packed online website building and publishing tool. As the service provider, you will offer custom website building services to your clients while hosting these sites on your own servers. Create a clone, a lead generation website or employ it as a way to manage existing websites and/or clients.

2. How will I generate revenue using the iScripts Easycreate software?
The site building software contains built-in business models and automated processes for your convenience. If you do not have an existing business already, iScripts EasyCreate can be used to create a model similar to In this model, you charge users for building their own personal or business website. If you are a web hosting company, designer or agency, you have a couple more options. Use the software as a lead generation tool and attract new users to market your additional services. Or if you are an agency, you can use iScripts EasyCreate as a site building and management tool for your existing clients. This is a scalable and reliable solution designed to fit a number of needs. Contact our team at 1-800-569-5538, speak to a live chat representative or email if you have any additional questions.

3. Can I create a free online site builder?
Yes, you can offer a free or paid service using iScripts EasyCreate. The software supports most major payment gateways.

4. Is it possible to create and add custom site design templates to iScripts EasyCreate?
Yes! You can add an unlimited number of templates to the iScripts EasyCreate application. The process is described within our help files. You can also add Joomla templates to iScripts EasyCreate.

5.Can I fully brand iScripts EasyCreate with my own name, logo, content and pricing?
Of course! iScripts EasyCreate is your own business. Control the site and maintenance however you see fit. This includes adding your own templates, logos, content, price points and payment gateways while creating and setting up your business.

6. How and where can I evaluate iScripts EasyCreate?
The online public demo is available for your review at If you would like to test the functionality, use the demo along with the Quick Start Guide available at:

7. How many templates are available with iScripts EasyCreate?
Upon purchase, iScripts EasyCreate comes with 31 FREE pre-installed graphic-rich templates! Add on to this collection anytime, whenever you wish! Templates are organized by categories such as personal, non-profit, design and art, food and drink, music and entertainment, business, real estate, lifestyle and more. You also have the ability to add, edit and delete templates.

8. Where can I see a live operating sites using iScripts EasyCreate?
You can see a live sites at our Customer Showcase area. These sites are added by actual customers using iScripts software. As we respect our clients' privacy, we do not give out customer or site information without permission. If you are interested in our customization work, you can also see our portfolio by scrolling to the bottom of our customization page.

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