iScripts EasyIndex


1. What is iScripts EasyIndex?
iScripts EasyIndex is a flexible software that allows you to create a classifieds or business directory website at a reasonable cost. The turnkey software includes everything you need for a standalone solution while also being integrated with Google Maps, Google AdSense, and Facebook plugins, making it a unique and valuable script to base your business on.

2. What are the benefits and advantages of using iScripts EasyIndex?
As a service provider, you will receive increased revenue through the high volume of customer activity generated on your business directory or classifieds website. Profit from charging users or businesses to add listings to your site. Gain additional revenue from implementing Google Ads and running banners on your website. You can launch this site as a standalone solution or even add it to a model or plan in order to expand an existing business or community.


3. Is iScripts EasyIndex stable and secure enough for me?
Yes, used by a number of customers worldwide, iScripts EasyIndex is a secure business directory script developed with PHP and a mySQL database. During software development, our programming team strictly follows all PCI compliance terms as well as all standard website development and security practices. We ensure all our scripts are professional as well as reasonably priced.

4. How and where can I evaluate iScripts EasyIndex before purchasing?
iScripts EasyIndex has an online demo available at We encourage you to try the demo yourself to be you can use the software, which functions similarly to WordPress. As the site administrator, you will have your own login. Your users and businesses will also have separate logins to control listings, posts and payments. You can test all logins within the demo. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our sales or support departments for clarification. If you would like to try the iScripts EasyIndex software on your own server, you will need to purchase the software.

5. Can I take a look at any live sites using iScripts EasyIndex?
Review our Customer Showcase to see real, live site using iScripts software. These sites are added directly by our customers. We do not give the names of sites using any of our software without consent. There are also a number of customers who decided to purchase the script and have their own programmer build upon or edit the script entirely.

6. What if I can't install iScripts EasyIndex myself?
If you find that the installation process is too technical for you to complete, iScripts can install it for you within 1 business day. Installation is $49.95 and available during checkout or anytime after your purchase. If you are not sure what a domain or hosting provider is, you may want to take advantage of an even easier option called iScripts Cloud. This is the same script, but includes all hosting and technicalities within a monthly fee.
Visit for more information.

7. What if I want to change the design or functionality of my directory or classifieds website?
iScript EasyIndex is built using open source PHP code. This means the software can be edited at any time by anyone who knows PHP. If you do not have a PHP programmer of your own, iScripts can complete the work at an affordable hourly rate. If you are interested in design, review our design packages. For any other changes, contact our project development department for a fixed-price quote by calling 1-800-569-5538 or emailing