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The perfect combination - expert developers and a personal project manager. has the experience, the process, and the staff to build your web or mobile project not just to completion but build it to success.

iScripts - Dedicated Development

Expert Staff

Every single person on our development team has been hand-picked for their programming experience, attention to detail, and communication skills. This leads to the highest level of quality in our customer's projects. Our staff knows that even the smallest features make a difference to the success of our client's businesses.

Personal Project Manager

The most important person on the team won't ever write a line of code. Each project we accept receives a personal project manager to meet with our clients directly and guide the project forward. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings are the key to our client's satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Programming is only half of the development equation. Each programmer relies heavily on our quality assurance team to build the best possible user experience for your customers. Our QA team works day and night to certify your project as if it were their own.


Dedicated development projects offer 40-50% savings over traditional projects. Based on the technology, the typical rate is between $3,700 - $4,200 per month for a full-time web/mobile developer. A minimum commitment of three months is required for the dedicated development projects, but you can add or remove a developer from your team any time. If a developer is not available due to vacation/holiday, a credit will be applied for the hours, which you can use for any service.
If you have a web or mobile app idea and you want to see if it’s a good candidate for the dedicated development service, schedule a technical consultation.

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iScripts - Dedicated Development Services


iScripts - Dedicated Development Services
Your project is too important to chance on an inexperienced team. Time and money are both critical resources that our clients commit when trusting us to build their new site. We treat each project like it is our own and leverage our centuries of collective experience, graphical design skills, and project management insight to collaborate on a project outcome you can be proud of.
Since 2003, we have worked on behalf of our clients to build thousands of startups, e-commerce websites, and infrastructure projects in hundreds of markets.

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